The Worst Thing About the Keto Diet

The worst thing about the keto diet plan

The Worst Thing About the Keto Diet Plan

Are you considering the keto diet plan?

Are you interested in how keto can help you lose weight?

Though this new diet trend may be effective, there are other concerns when it comes to keto and dieting.

The biggest health concern associated with the keto diet, without a doubt, is a syndrome called ketoacidosis.

During ketoacidosis, the body begins to burn fat at such a rapid and uncontrollable rate that ketonic acid builds up to extremely high levels.

This rapid increase in acid becomes most apparent in the blood and urine. This build up causes insulin levels to crash.

As insulin in the body crashes, glucose is obstructed from absorption by the cells that use it as fuel. The liver will then begin to produce large amounts of blood sugar and fat will start to burn at a rate the body cannot handle.

This domino effect can be especially dangerous (if not life-threatening) for diabetics - especially those with type 1 diabetes.

In fact, a dieter who has gone undiagnosed with type 1 diabetes may learn of their condition upon participating in the keto diet and experiencing ketoacidosis.

Although the keto diet has been proven to help those with diabetes, diabetics could be putting themselves at serious risk if it is not executed with a proper plan.

Like any other diet, it is highly recommended to speak with a dietitian or healthcare professional to determine whether the keto diet is the right diet for you.

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