Water is Your Diet Ally

Drink Eight Glasses of Water Per Day

Water Is Your Friend

Drink those fluids! Sometimes the body registers thirst as hunger, spurring you to reach for a donut when what you really need is a little H20. So shoot for at least eight glasses of non-caffeinated (preferably no-calorie as well) liquid per day. Calories from beverages make up 21% of the total daily calories consumed by Americans over two years old- so put down your soda and pick up a glass of water already! Get in the habit of bringing a large bottle of water, seltzer or whatever you prefer to work each day, and drink it!

Water can also help increase feelings of satiation if consumed before a meal. Before you dig into your Weight Watchers frozen dinner, always drink a glass of water before putting a single bite of food in your mouth. You’ll increase feelings of satiation and by the time you’re done with your meal you won’t be left lusting for more.

You know guzzling water is a health-smart move, but anyone that tells you they gave up soda and “don’t even miss it” is in denial. But you can make your H20 more palatable by adding lemons, limes, and even oranges to a pitcher of water to give it a sweet kick. If you’re still not convinced, gulp this down: The body burns up to 100 extra calories daily when you drink iced water instead of room temperature beverages? Your metabolism is forced to rev up in order to warm the water so that the body can use it, doing its own form of cardio with every sip. Call it the ice cube workout.

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