Weight Watchers Day 4 - Weigh In

Weight Watchers Day 4 - Weigh In

Today's Weight Watcher's Tips:
* Reminding yourself of an upcoming Weight Watchers program public weigh-in can be powerful motivation.

* Calculating points and measurements can be overwhelming at first. If you need time to adjust to the process, introduce cooking gradually.

And now, here are the details of my 4th day on WW...

What I Weighed Today: 210 lbs. (8am)

A diet is a system of starving yourself to death so you can live a little longer. –Totie Fields

I didn’t eat all my points today because I got home so late that I needed to stop eating so I could lay down and go to sleep.  It was a very stressful day and there were long gaps between my meals, which is a huge no-no in WW.

The Weigh-In Experience

A big part of the WW experience that keeps you on track is the looming, public, weekly WEIGH-IN.  Getting on that scale in front of another person who knows what you weighed last week? It’s daunting. There’s no “do-overs” like when you weigh yourself at home (“Maybe I’ll just wait until after I have a bowel movement and try again…”).

I’m worried about my weigh-in tomorrow because I just stuffed three meals’ worth of food into my belly and the weigh in is at 10:30 A.M. I’ll still have all that food and water weight on my tummy when I go in there.  Since they probably won’t let me weigh-in naked, I will have to find my lightest outfit to wear.  Maybe I can make something out of Saran Wrap.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: 1 Double Fiber Whole Grain english muffin, 1 Weight Watchers reduced fat cream cheese, 3 tablespoons Vanilla Chai Creamer(in 4 cups of coffee) – 4.5 points
Lunch: 1Rolls Royce sushi roll, seaweed salad – 7 points
Dinner: Japanese salad, Ginger Dressing, 2 oz raw tuna, 2 ½  tablespoons Vanilla
Chai Creamer(in 2 cups of coffee) – 7 points
Snack: 1Weight Watchers Garlic & Parmesan  Pretzel Thins packet, 2Weight
Watchers Double Chocolate snack bars – 6 points

Points Target: 26
Activity Points earned: 0 

I ate a delicious combination of food today and I am finding that I’m not overtly hungry most of the day.  Now that I know that there are lower fat foods that don’t induce grimacing, it will be a lot easier for me to get more volume in without blowing the points allowance for the day.

My new challenge: Cooking meals for myself and planning a trip to a restaurant with friends.  I come from a family that considers gravy a beverage, so I’m worried it will challenge me to see them indulging the way I used to and not be able to join in.   

Ever watch the Food Network when you're full and go, This is stupid. But when you're hungry, the Food Network is like porn. —Jim Gaffigan 

The cooking thing will be tricky because I don’t measure.  I will have to start monitoring what I’m tossing into my meals so that I can calculate my points correctly. Unfortunately this feels more like math than cooking to me, but life isn't perfect. 

The WW website has a bunch of recipes and I think I am going to start test-driving a couple each week to see how they come out.  The first one is guacamole, and I’m going to make it tomorrow and eat it with a bag of the Weight Watchers Multigrain Crisps. 

Avocado is on the Weight Watchers list of “Filling Foods.”  These are foods that supposedly keep you feeling satisfied for longer so you aren’t tempted to drive to McDonald’s at midnight and order three combo meals “for your family.” Please, God—let that be true.

 Product Reviews:
* Weight Watchers reduced fat cream cheese (individually premeasured cups) – 1 point
OMG. This with the double fiber muffin was like eating a bagel in the morning. It felt so wrong but it was almost no points.  This was a treat that I actually did want to go back and make a 2nd muffin to eat but I resisted.  There is very little difference between this and the regular schmir.  My next step is to find out how many points it would cost me for a very thin slice of lox, a little red onion, maybe a caper or 2. Oy!!

* Weight Watchers Double Chocolate snack bar – 2 points
  YUMMY. I did eat 2 of these, I just couldn’t resist.  They are absolutely phenomenal.  Crispity but creamy and real chocolate taste.

* Weight Watchers Garlic & Parmesan  Pretzel Thins – 2 points
YUMMY. Still a favorite and a life saver.  After I ate a bag of these I was able to stop obsessing about having a 3rd Double Chocolate bar...which would probably have led to a 4th.

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