Weight Watchers Day 3 - Stress and Cheat Sheets

Weight Watchers Day 3 - Stress and Cheat Sheets 


Today's Weight Watchers Tips...
Before I give you the details, here's a summary of what I learned today: 

* Make a list of emergency fast food meals and snacks (and memorize their point values) so you’ll never be stranded if your schedule gets thrown off.

* The Weight Watchers website has way more tools than you can imagine and you’d be crazy not to take advantage of them.

* If you’re a boozehound, you’re in for some depressing points math when it comes to alcohol.

 And now, here are the details of my 3rd day on WW.

What I Weighed Today: 211 lbs. (8am, my scale)

Third day in and I’ve dropped three pounds! Pretty damn good if I do say so myself, not to mention that it has been relatively painless.

Of course, I know that I am in the “honeymoon phase” of my food rehab at the moment, but I have to admit I’m feeling pretty good about it right now. Sure, honeymoons don't last forever, but I figure enjoy it while you can. Even if it's only for another ten minutes. Which is probably how long it will last, now that I've started analyzing it.

Going in my three biggest sabotage fears were:

1.  PMS (just the week before, I’ll be fine after that)
2. Stress (food is my Xanax)
3. Down-time, which includes weekends or evenings at home when I have nothing to do but relax and watch TV (and snack) or read a magazine or book (and snack). Funny, but I usually don't succumb to snacking when I'm busy doing some work I took home, or if I'm engrossed at the computer.

Today I faced #2 & #3. 

My leader had drilled the importance of breakfast into me last night, so I wanted to commit to getting something in before 9am. I got up with every intention of fixing a whole wheat English muffin with WW cream cheese and fruit for myself, but I wound up running late and was in my car before I realized that I had not eaten anything.

The lunch I packed was sparse because I had a job interview and needed to leave my current job early in order to make it on time. Uh oh—here come the hunger pangs…

No, no, no, Lisa. If adults don't like their jobs, they don't go on strike. They just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That's the American Way.  –Homer Simpson

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: 1 Weight Watchers Multigrain Crisps packet, 4 tablespoons Hazelnut Creamer (in 4 cups of coffee) – 6.5 points
Lunch: 2 servings of baby carrots, 1 Zone Bar, 1 ostrich stick – 8.5 points
Dinner: El Pollo Loco Chicken Salad w Creamy Cilantro dressing (no cheese, no chip strips) – 5 points
Snack: 1 Weight Watchers Garlic & Parmesan  Pretzel Thins packet, 1 medium apple, 1 fruit cup – 4 points

Points Target: 26
Activity Points earned: 0

I’m stressed out about the interview and stressed out about the fact that if I get the job, my current employers are going to flip out.  Oh, and my stomach’s making so much noise someone would think I’d swallowed a toddler.

As I’m driving home I realize that I haven’t planned what I will eat and I start to panic because I know that having free time at home to relax a little usually makes me want to have something delicious. And usually too much of it.

I decide the best way to meet this head on is to pick up a safe but tasty salad from El Pollo Loco. I love their salad, the dressing is limited, and it will fill me up without blowing my points. Problem solved.

I get home. After I eat the salad, even though I’m full, I still ‘want’ something, so I have an apple. I still ‘want’ something, so I have a pack of WW Garlic & Parmesan Pretzel Crisps. I still ‘want’ something—dammit, Heidi! Shake it off!

I busy myself at my computer for 10 minutes. I'm okay now, the need has passed. Thank God for the computer.

The Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, “people without lives.” We don’t care. We have each other.—Dave Barry 

The Points Tracker and Points Calculator

I took some more time to play on the website. The Points Tracker on the site is really cool.  You search for your food and it comes up in a list. You can click on the food you are looking for and immediately add it to your daily log. If the food you are looking for isn’t in the WW library, you can add it yourself.

The site has a Points Calculator, too.  You just type in the calories, fat, and fiber from the label of your food and it spits out the points total. Then it allows you to name the food and add it to your daily food log and to your favorites if you want.  The favorites list has really simplified the process for me because I tend to be a creature of habit, especially on weekdays.  Instead of hunting or calculating food every day you just build your favorites menu and make quick additions to your daily log from there. 

The eTools section has some useful things in it, including "Mobile Weight Watchers" which allows you to add food by entering a special mobile site on your cell phone. This site automatically updates your totals on the official WW website, you so can access the same information when you sit down at any computer.

Cheat Sheets

And then there’s the “Cheat Sheets.”  They’re hilarious, interactive web pages that help you calculate everything from salad bars, Thanksgiving dinners, coffee house drinks, to cocktails (my personal favorite). 

Go to the cocktail page and you'll find a funny little bartender and a shelf filled with drinks. You click on the drink you want and it flies down to the bar with a points value. You can then click another drink to compare which is a better choice. No comparing for me—my drink of choice (dirty martini) is five points. I’ll be saving up to have two of those sometime next week.  Ring-a-ding-ding, baby!

Back to my job interview: I've decided that I really kind of want the job (which makes me anxious and gives me one more reason to want to closet-eat).  It was a referral from a friend of mine.  I’m thankful that I currently have a job but I am not thrilled with the set up, so my friend let me know she had an opening where she worked that might be a good fit for me. Benefits, paid days off, 401K, etc.  The interview went well and I think I have a good shot.  The guy I'd be working for seems a bit grouchy, but as long as I’m getting paid I’ll learn to live with it.

Product Reviews:
* Weight Watchers Garlic & Parmesan  Pretzel Thins – 2 points.
Yummy, and somewhat satisfying. I didn’t physically feel the need to have more.  It will be interesting to see how they stand up to PMS.

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