Weight Watchers Day 23 - Exercise Videos

Weight Watchers Day 23 - Exercise Videos

Today's Weight Watchers Tips:

* Invest in an exercise DVD to shake up your routine. Bonus points if you choose something with a high-energy soundtrack!

* Soreness is normal when you start a new routine. It is NOT an excuse to believe you just aren’t cut out for it.

And now, here are the details of my 23rd day on Weight Watchers...

What I Weighed Today: 207 lbs. (10am)

I got up this morning and was running extremely late but I made myself do 30 minutes of my XFlowsion tape.  That’s the workout that includes yoga and boxing (you get into a nice zen state, then whip yourself into an aggressive frenzy reminiscent of a feral animal). I was shocked at how flexible I still am.  Thank God for muscle memory!

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. —Redd Foxx

I was a little sore from yesterday’s walk and, because I know my knees are sensitive, I was careful to not jump around during the high-impact sections of the tape. Instead, I stepped leg-to-leg, lifting my knee as high as I could and bringing it down in a controlled movement.  It got my heart rate up and I was sweating like Nathan Lane at a Mr. Universe pageant by the time it was over.

I really feel like I’m getting into a groove, though by the end of the day I was starting to stiffen up and feel some pain.  I know it’s to be expected and I need to continue exercising in order to get past this. Pout.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  Venti Starbucks ‘Skinny’ Caramel Latte, Weight Watchers Smart Ones Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich  – 4 points
Lunch: 1 Healthy Choice Steamer-Beef Merlot frozen entrée, 2 ½ cups jicama, 10 dry roasted almonds   – 8.5 points
Dinner: 2 Tilapia filets , 2 cups asparagus tips (2 tablespoons of I-Can’t-Believe-It’s- Not-Butter split between the fish & veggies to cook) – 9.5 points
Snack(s):  1 pear, 1 fruit cup  – 3 points

Points Target: 26
Activity Points earned: 1

WW sent me my weekly email newsletter and in it they had a link to the section of the WW site that has video cooking lessons.  They have these really cool vegetable prep videos that teach you everything from how to de-cob corn, cube a mango, and roast spaghetti squash. 

Weight Watchers also has workout videos.  I did a three minute Latin dance energy boost workout this evening while I was playing on the site.  It was cool except it kind of hurt because I’m sore right now. Also available are weightlifting demos and yoga workouts.

The Weight Watchers site also provides links to activities that are going on all over the country, like 5Ks, walking and running clubs, dance classes, and weight loss challenges.  After a while I got tired just looking at it all and decided to check out more tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll do one Energy Burst workout a day.  It won’t earn me any activity points but it may shorten the time that I’m in pain, plus the workouts are not long enough to cause fat itchies.

Product Reviews:
* Weight Watchers Smart Ones Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich – 3 points

Pretty good.  It’s “stuffed” with egg whites, turkey bacon, cheese and veggies.  The inside was very good but I wasn’t very fond of the outside.  It was supposed to get crispy in this little microwave-crisper-sleeve they give you to cook it in but it just seemed to turn out hard and chewy.  I ate it all though, what hungry chubster wouldn’t??? I have one more of these and I will try it again and lessen the cooking time to see if that remedies the problems with the crust.

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