Weight Watchers Day 2 - Changing Locations

Weight Watchers Day 2 - Changing Locations

Today's Weight Watchers Tips...

All Weight Watchers locations are not created equal.

* If the atmosphere at one Weight Watchers location is sinking your attitude, switch to another one ASAP.

Most Weight Watchers snacks aren't sold in stores. Buy Weight Watchers snacks in bulk at the meetings so you won’t have the displeasure of discovering that many of them aren’t sold in grocery stores.

Weight Watchers is easy.  But not that easy.  Don’t get cocky just because you made it 48 hours without a Big Mac.

And now, here are the details of my 2nd day on WW.

What I Weighed Today:  214 lbs. (8am)

You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes. –Winnie the Pooh

I have been validated! The new location I went to treated me like a princess.

Unfortunately, since this location is near my home and not my workplace, I'll have to change my meeting/weigh-in day to Saturday. With LA traffic, there's no way I'd be able to get to the meeting on time after work.

Arriving late for this particular meeting at the new location actually worked out for me, as I'd only come to hear the "Getting Started" presentation for new members (always held after the meeting), which I had missed out on at my old location.

Unlike the woman at the last location, the leader here actually seemed thrilled with her job, and didn’t make a desperate dash for freedom when the initial meeting ended. I approached her and explained my situation and she displayed all of the emotions that I needed to see: Shock, anger, sympathy and a genuine excitement to have me on board.  It was like—sigh—being folded into Mom’s arms after falling down.

Most of what she told me was not a surprise since I had spent so much time reading the WW literature and website on my own, but I got some important questions answered and I finally felt like a part of the program.  I found out that the sneaky snacks I had been eyeing are not sold anywhere but Weight Watchers locations so I bought $45 worth (I had to give the snacks a thorough analysis in the name of dietary science). 

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: Zone bar, 1 ostrich stick, 5.5 tablespoons Vanilla Chai Creamer (in 4 cups of coffee) – 10.5 points
Lunch: Spicy tuna roll, Yellowtail roll, Green salad w/ginger dressing – 13 points
Dinner: Weight Watchers meatloaf & mashed potatoes entree – 5 points
Snack: 1 Weight Watchers Multigrain Crisps packet, 1 Ruby Red Grapefruit fruit cup, 1 ostrich stick – 5 points
Points Target: 26

Sigh. Got to go buy some food—a mouse hung itself in my fridge and left a note that said, “Can’t live like this. –Ustas

I left the meeting feeling buoyant and ready to make my first trip to the grocery store to get a few things to round out my cupboards and compliment my new eating habits.

When I realized that I didn’t have to make any major changes I immediately cut the woe-is-me crap.  I picked up whole wheat English muffins (1/2 the points of a regular English muffin), Weight Watchers cream cheese (pre-measured to avoid slathering), I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter (but I’m still keeping my real butter in the freezer), fat-free creamer, light salad dressing, a few Weight Watchers entrees (for quick or lazy moments) and individually wrapped tiilapia filets.

The fruit and veggies I bought were my norms: Baby carrots, salad greens, apples, etc.  I also laid in a supply of Zone bars and will be stopping at a specialty store to make sure I have a good supply of Ostrich sticks (call me a hippie but they’re delicious), a great snack for when I’m running late or preoccupied.

I went over my daily points again. I still feel like I cheated and I want to prove to myself that I can make it a full day on just my allowed points.  This is where the program will actually feel like dieting (ugh) and I’m not sure I want to face that.

I see how blindly I was eating before and how incredibly comforting it could be. I am an extremely emotional person and I know there will come a time in this journey where I will need to choose between FEELING and EATING.  So far I have not felt deprived but it’s so early—and I can feel the siren call of ribs and cheeseburgers creeping toward the back of my mind.

Product Reviews:
Weight Watchers meatloaf and mashed potatoes entree – 5 points
This was pretty tasty and actually satisfying.  I frosted the slice of meatloaf with the smashies to make a fine Shepherd’s Pie (I did need to add a little salt. This one is going on the Favorites List.)

Weight Watchers Multigrain Crisps – 2 points
These taste a little like someone who just ate a real Wheat Thin blew their breath in your face (but not in a bad way).  They’re just really, really...REALLY light.  You occasionally get a bit of a cardboard taste in your mouth while eating the bag but for the most part if you like Wheat Thins, you will like this whisper of a snack.  After I ate it, I must admit I felt my craving for high-calorie crackers had left and these were not so delectable that I was tempted to eat another bag.

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