Weight Watchers Day 18 - Weekly Flex Points

Weight Watchers Day 18 - Weekly Flex Points

Today's Weight Watchers Tips:

* Stock your office desk or fridge with fruits and veggies so you have no excuse to hit the vending machine.

* Don't spend Flex Points until you check your calendar to make sure there are no upcoming food-centered social or business events.

* I will always regard skinny starlets with a snarky, envious attitude. Join me, won’t you?

And now, here are the details of my 18th day on WW...

What I Weighed Today: 207.5 lbs. (10am)

Ethel Mertz: Gee, this high altitude sure gives me an appetite.
Fred Mertz: What's your excuse at sea level?—I Love Lucy

I was soooo obsessed with consumption today.  I want to be clear that it was not hunger—it was an overwhelming need to have something in my mouth. And while having an oral fixation may get you a million emails on Match.com, it’s not so spiffy when you’re dieting.

What saved me is that I took the time to chop up a lot of veggies today and bring extra fruit to work.  After packing my lunch bag, I remember thinking when I picked it up, “Wow, this seems like a hefty amount of food. I wonder if I'll finish it all?"

Yeah, I finished it (with the exception of a single apple that survived the carnage.) Now in all fairness, I did get stuck at work about three hours longer than intended, but the point is that I managed to survive my ravenous mood without hitting the vending machine, by keeping less dangerous fare close by and convenient. Admittedly, I went at my chopped jicama so ravenously that I swear I heard it scream. 

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  1 oz box raisins, 1 cup jicama, Venti Starbucks ‘Skinny’ Caramel Latte, 3 prunes – 2.5 points
Lunch: 1 Lean Cuisine Beef Portobello frozen entrée, 15 Cheddar-flavored Mini Rice Cakes , Venti Starbucks ‘Skinny’ Caramel Latte, 1 apple, 1 Yoplait Light Blueberry yogurt  – 12 points
Dinner: 6 El Pollo Loco wings, 2 cups jicama, 2 cups baby carrots  – 15 points
Snack(s):  1 fruit cup – 2 points

Points Target: 26 
Activity Points earned: 0

Thank Heaven for weekly Flex points.

Here is the beauty of the program:  At the end of the day (which happens to be the end of my week) I have five of my weekly Flex Points left and I get a whole new bank of Flex Points tomorrow.  I’m going to use my sugary little rollover minutes and have a treat tomorrow.  I’ve been craving Southern-fried catfish since last week.  If I make tomorrow my “Cheat Day” after my weigh-in then I can get myself back in check by Monday.

I’m a little nervous about using a large amount of my Flex Points so early in the week but I don’t have any events on my calendar that would throw me into an eating or drinking situation that might throw me off course.  If I can follow the same example as this week and make sure to carry the proper food with me at all times, I should be able to make it through the week and still have a few points left in my bank.

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. –Steven Wright

I have made a nice recovery (weight-wise) from earlier this week.  I feel very proud of my accomplishment.  I am such an emotional person that my feelings about this plan fluctuate day-to-day.  Some days I resent the counting and checking.  Other days I feel glamorous and celebrity-like in my new eating habits (Oprah adores grilled tilapia, you know. We’re practically sisters.).  Fresh fish and veggies are what all those skinny starlets nibble on while they’re at photo shoots. I guess they fit it in somewhere between the three hour workouts and vomiting.  I know the celebs and I are on the same food wavelength because I read the magazines! I have read those passages so many times and said to myself, “Well, it’s easy to eat like that when someone else is doing all the chopping, cooking, and cleaning!”

As it turns out, it has been pretty easy for me to do.  I know it sounds weird to say that I longed to eat this way but didn’t think I had the time or energy to do it.  I’m sure some of that procrastination was also due to the fact that I wasn’t sure I could enjoy the food and be satisfied with it (not long ago I could have qualified as a competitive cupcake eater).

Anyway, today I feel pretty good.  Tomorrow... who knows?

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