Weight Watchers Day 12 - Constipation

eat veggies for constipationDoes Weight Watchers cause constipation?

 I am completely irregular and freaking out!

I have no idea what the hell is going on because I have eaten more fiber and drank more water on a regular basis than I have in years because of this eating plan. My bowel movements should have the precision of a train schedule! I feel like crap (yes, I get the irony in that statement).

I didn’t go to the meeting today even though I had the time to do so.  I was trying to put some oil and fiber in me so I could get things moving.  The pain is gone, but I now I’m a bloated, wind breaking social hazard (gross, I know, but it’s the truth). Between this and the weight gain I’m feeling pretty discouraged today.

I know the German word for constipation, which I believe is farfrompoopin. –Mike, Spin City

I went back to my favorite resource, the WW website. Guess what? There are over 400 posts on the subject of that word that rhymes with consternation.  Turns out this (and dry, flaky skin) are a regular issue for WW followers. But I guess those facts don’t draw dieters like moths to a flame when they’re on the cover of a glossy brochure (“You’ll lose additional weight by burning calories while you fervently scratch your newly flaking skin!” “Get tight, sexy sphincter muscles as you desperately push and clench, striving toward a bowel movement!”).

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  Tons of Coffee w/Tons of Full-Fat Creamer – 1000 points
Lunch: 3 bags Weight Watchers Multi-Grain Crisps, More Fat Coffee, 2 bags Pop-Secret Homestyle Popcorn  – 1 million points
Dinner: Butter Nut Squash Soup, bag of lettuce w/Girard’s Light Champagne dressing & Olive Oil, 1 whole avocado  – 1 billion points
Snack(s): 4 Weight Watchers Oatmeal Raisin mini bars, More Fat-Coffee, (at the birthday party) tons of booze w/ sugary mixers, taquitos, cake, oily noodle salad, oily/creamy dips, etc.   – 10 trillion points

Points Target: 26
Activity Points earned: 0

Back to constipation, my subject of the day. What causes constipation seems to be a passionately controversial subject on the WW discussion boards. The back and forth included arguments to support the following speculated causes:

* Too much caffeine, sodas, or tea
* Too little water
* Not enough fruits & veggies
* Not enough fiber-rich food
* Not enough healthy oil (we are encouraged / allowed to have two tablespoons per day)
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
* Not enough exercise
* Not enough good bacteria in the tummy

There are several things on this list that could be part of my current issue.  But for every cause there was a counter-argument from someone who had proof via their own experience that negated it. 

The most important thing I got out of this constipated web-based roundtable was that I would have to find a solution that worked with my body by trial and error.  The biggest encouragement I got from it was that WW is a plan that allows you the freedom to find out what works for you.  Need more fiber, oil, dairy, etc?  Plan your points around and keep pushing!!

Uh, okay, who's drunk, but that special kind of drunk where you're a better driver because you know you're drunk? —Peter Griffin, Family Guy

I did go out to a birthday party and had fun but I had to wear an oversized sweatshirt to cover my bloated muffin-top hanging over the top of my jeans.  I proceeded to get drunk off my a** and eat quite a bit.  However, I’m ready to start a brand new day off with a brand new attitude.  A fruitful trip to the bathroom will go a long way toward solidifying (no pun intended) my resolve. 

So, to sum up...

Today's Weight Watcher's Observation and Tip:

  * Membership to Weight Watchers also includes membership in the "missing-in-action"bowel movement club.

* Experiment with fiber, extra fluids, and exercise or you’ll risk feeling like a corked wine bottle for quite some time.

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