Weight Watchers - Day 1 - Coffee, Breakfast, and the Evil WW Location

Weight Watchers - Day 1 - Coffee, Breakfast, and the Evil WW Location

Today's Weight Watchers Tips & Facts...

* Most Weight Watchers locations don't have phones.

* Most locations open 30 minutes before meetings, and close 30 minutes after.

*You can track your points online and on your mobile device.

* Resist the temptation to use all your flex points at the beginning of the week.

And now, here are the details of my 1st full day on WW.

What I Weighed Today: 211 lbs (8am, my scale)

An optimist is a fellow who believes a housefly is looking for a way to get out. —George Jean Nathan

Today I had two seemingly simple goals: to get my sign-up/sign-in information and to follow my meeting’s instructions to really be aware of what I was eating.

I was hoping to just call and get my information from that sorry excuse for a Weight Watchers location so that I wouldn’t have to ever set foot in there again.  Unfortunately, the representative from the 800 number I called said they don’t have phones at the locations because they’re only open 30 minutes before a meeting and 30 minutes after. “Please don’t send me back,” I said with the traumatized voice of the shell-shocked soldier that General Patton slapped. They were very helpful and apologetic but were clear that I needed to physically go back to the store to pick up the rest of my Getting Started Packet.

Back to the Death Star

I went back to the evil Natasha's Weight Watchers location to pick up my packet. As I stood in line waiting to be assisted, I looked at the WW snack food they had displayed in order to entice frightened, sugar-craving devotees to buy.  The snacks had delectable names like Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Mint Crisp, Banana Nut, and Cookies & Cream and were next to what looked to be crispity-crunchity crackers and pretzels in tiny, measured bags. My hand involuntary reached for my wallet…but the thought of my snack money paying for Natasha’s next manicure quickly quelled that urge. 

I sent a WTF email to my friend Shar, a Weight Watchers fanatic, and she told me to go to her location. It’s near my house and (according to her) FAB-A-LUSIOUS.  I will be attending their meeting tomorrow night to get my rightful newbie welcoming experience.

Being an optimist after you've got everything you want doesn't count. —Kin Hubbard

After receiving everything I needed I immediately went home and started reading the literature and playing around online.

Guess what- the online stuff is pretty cool. Unlike the bad experience I had at the meeting, I'm actually enjoying the WW online content. Very helpful and easy to follow. Somebody get me a glass of Kool-Aid—I’m ready to chug it. I ready to metamorphasize into a WW card-carrying, glassy-eyed zombie. Now if only I can get as thin as the ones in the Thriller video.

What I Ate:
Breakfast: 8 cups coffee, 16 tablespoons Crème Brulee Creamer – 8.5 points
Snack: 4 butter cookies – 2 points
Lunch: Jambalaya from Pavillions – 15 points
Dinner: El Pollo Loco salad (no cheese), creamy cilantro dressing – 4 points
Snack: 1 ostrich stick – 2 points
Points Target: 26

The system is easy and can totally be adapted to how you eat and cook for yourself, and it could actually be kind of—dare I say it?—fun. But considering that Ronald McDonald is my dealer and Big Macs are my crack, something tells me it’s too soon to reach that kind of conclusion. 

The online program is more accommodating than a $1000 per hour hooker. I will be able to track my points online on my computer and on my Treo.  They have amazing recipes and workout videos that you view and download at no extra charge.  It’s really too bad my face-to-face experience left a sour taste in my mouth because the program itself and the online tools to assist the members are off the charts awesome.

Jessica Tate: “Eunice, how would you like some pancakes for breakfast?”
Eunice Tate: “No thank you, Mother. I’m on three hundred calories a day.”
Jessica: “Three hundred calories! But darling, what can you eat?””
Eunice: “Nothing. If I brush my teeth twice a day, that puts me a little over.


Now as for my eating today. This is where I am going to be seriously challenged. Whereas I love to eat, I usually don’t eat breakfast unless I am hungover or on vacation. 

Not Eating Breakfast is a Weight Watchers No-No

Coffee, however, is my usual breakfast. Coffee with cream and sugar. It is the factor that keeps me from swearing in public places and terrifying small children. Sweet, creamy coffee. I usually drink said sweet creaminess until about 11 a.m. and then have some snackage. Then I eat lunch around 1 p.m. when I am starving and a little shaky.  Apparently this behavior is frowned upon at the house of WW.  So I’ve got to figure out a way to get some kind of breakfast in and am going to have to limit the sweet and creamy guzzlefest.

Flex Points

I went over my daily points target but those geniuses at WW give you an extra stash of points each week that you can redeem either throughout the week or all at once.  I will probably have to dip into that stash quite a bit over the next few days as I figure out how to not feel deprived by going cold-turkey on my “must haves,” but still work the program and reap the benefits of a new healthy lifestyle. Tee hee. I said healthy.

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