Ways to Cut Calories at Dinner Parties

Be a sneaky hostess

If you frequently host dinners and parties, covertly trim calories wherever you can without compromising flavor. Use Splenda in place of sugar, cooking spray instead of cooking oil or butter, plain low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, and egg whites instead of whole eggs. Your craftiness will help everyone enjoy the feast without packing on the pounds. Just don’t nix the meat or the male guests will riot and flee to Burger King.

For dessert download yummy recipes from and whip up a crowd-pleasing batch of Weight Watchers Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies (3 points per serving) or Almost Fat-Free Chocolate Cookies (2 points per serving).

And if you’re throwing a holiday party, make sure you have plenty of takeout cartons on hand to box up all the leftovers, then insist your guests take the tempting treats home with them. You won’t have to endure the temptation of a fridge full of leftover holiday grub—but your guests will (suckers).

Unlike Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers doesn’t limit you to frozen meals, and clients are encouraged to eat out and attend food-filled parties, which means that dieters following WW need to be adamant about finding new methods to help them cope with social situations that center around food. Sure—you can pull out a Smart Ones frozen meal at your family’s Thanksgiving smorgasbord, but the heckling from Uncle Jim isn’t worth it.

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