Tips For Ordering Weight Watchers

Tips For Ordering Weight Watchers

Ready to order Weight Watchers?

We suggest you read the Weight Watchers Fine Print first. After you do, you can simplify the ordering process by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Order Now button to the right to get started!

A separate window will appear with the Weight Watchers site. These instructions will remain open in this window for you to access as you navigate the Weight Watchers site.

Step 2: Sign up. Weight Watchers offers two sign up options easily found on the front page of the site.

On-site: You can search for a location of a Weight Watchers facility based on your zip code. Choose a meeting time that will work for you on a weekly basis.

Online: You can also join Weight Watchers online by clicking on the “Weight Watchers Online” button.

Step 3: Choose your plan.

On-site: Your first weigh-in. You'll want to arrive 30 minutes before the first meeting starts to register and join. A receptionist will be waiting to will sign you up to a specific plan, do your first weigh in and give you the program materials to get you started.

Online: Choose a plan. You have an option between two plans: The three month savings plan, which discounts the price of the sign-up fee for a total of $53.85 for three months or the Standard Monthly Plan, which includes the sign-up fee of $29.99 and monthly fee of $17.95. After choosing a plan you will be prompted to fill out some basic information about yourself.

Step 4: Your first introduction to the Weight Watchers community.

On-site: Your first meeting. After the signing up process you'll sit through your first meeting and will stay after for the meeting for the introduction class. The leader will guide you through the basic steps of the Weight Watchers plan.

Online: Payment information. On this screen you will choose a username and password and process you payment information.

Step 5: Your online profile.

Create your online profile and start the program (for online members). You'll use the online resources (calorie counter, message boards and recipes) and learn to use the Points system.

Weight Watchers Fine Print

Things you wouldn't know unless you read the fine print:

Cost: If you purchased a multiple- period prepayment plan or you were eligible for a discounted rate but are no long eligible for that rate, your subscription will automatically be renewed at our standard subscription rates and for our standard period (usually monthly) at the start of the renewal period.

After your first payment you may be automatically charged on your credit card up to 15 days prior to the start of each renewal period, unless you have cancelled your subscription before you are charged for the relevant renewal period. This means if you begin WW at the beginning of the month you will be charged the set-up and monthly fee and then you may be charged again on the 15th of the month for next month’s subscription fee. If you cancel after being charged for next month’s fee you are still responsible for next month’s fee.

Cancellation: If you are unhappy with WW, you can cancel your account at any time, but the cancellation will not be effective until the end of the month. That means if you want to cancel on day two you will be responsible for the entire month membership cost. This is most frustrating for Monthly Pass members.

When you cancel your membership your online user account may be immediately deactivated and all related information and files in your user account will be inaccessible.

WW will attempt to process all cancellation requests within 72 hours after they receive your request. If you cancel near the end of your billing period and are inadvertently charged for the next period’s fee, you can contact WW Customer Service to have the charges reversed. If you use WW products (meetings, online) during that next period, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Refunds: The fees ,including the full monthly fee for any month (regardless of whether you attended Meetings or logged onto the Website during that month), are non-refundable except in the situations described below:

(1) If you subscribe to a prepaid savings plan and you decide to cancel during the period for which you have prepaid, WW will refund you the difference (if any) if the amount you paid is greater than the amount you would have paid for the months elapsed if you were subject to WW standard pricing in effect during such time and not subject to a savings plan. If you sign up for the three month pre-paid plan (total $53. 85) the set-up fee will be waived. You will be charged for all three months when you sign up and if cancelled in the first month, you will have to pay for the first month ($17.95) and you will be responsible for the “free” sign up fee ($29.95). Your refund will be around $5.

(2) Depending on when WW receives your notice of cancellation, it is possible that WW may have already charged you for your next subscription period. In that case, WW will refund you the full amount for that next subscription period as long as you return to us, in accordance with the Monthly Pass Cancellation Policy, any material WW sends you that provides you with access to the Meetings for that next period (typically your next Monthly Pass card), and do not access Meetings or the Website during that next period.

(3) If you are canceling your subscription within 5 days (or such other period as required by law depending on your state) of your initial purchase, WW will refund the full amount of such initial purchase.

(4) If your subscription is cancelled due to your failure to satisfy limitations WW set based on demographic, geographic, health or other similar criteria, or due to your death, disability, or relocation prior to the end of a period for which you have incurred a charge, then, with the exception of any fixed upfront fee WW may have charged, WW will refund any unused portion of such period.

(5) If WW terminates your subscription (as opposed to you canceling your subscription), other than due to your violation of this Agreement, prior to the end of a period for which you have incurred a charge, with the exception of any fixed upfront fee, WW will refund any unused portion of such period on a pro rata basis.

(6) If you cancel your subscription and are entitled to a full refund, WW reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of any administrative or other services you may have used prior to your cancellation, to the extent permitted by law.

Weight Watchers Centers/locations: Meeting location atmospheres are not all the same.

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