Weight Watchers Frozen Meals - Best Tasting Smart Ones

Which Weight Watchers Frozen Meals (Smart Ones) Taste Best?

The 2019 WW Smart Ones Taste Test Results are in!

Here are the top 10 tastiest Smart Ones, starting with our Number One winner.

1.      Chicken Enchilada SuizaChicken_Enchiladas_Suiza.png

Authentic, zesty, and filling, what’s not to love?  Especially at only 290 calories!  Smart Ones’ diet-friendly version of this Mexican dish has tons of positive reviews, with many giving it 5 out of 5 stars. People loved the little spicy kick it had and many confessed to eating this more than once a week.

Reviewers had this to say about this fiesty recipe:

·        "This was the perfect amount of spice and savory! It was super flavorful and enough food to fill me up."

·        "...a very nice change from some of (their) other meals. There is a wonderful flavor...slight spicy but not too strong...I would definitely recommend."

·        "I buy 5 or 6 of the enchiladas suzia at a time for workplace lunch - love it so much I eat the same flavor every day!"

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2.      Three Cheese Ziti Marinara

smart ones three cheese ziti marinara.jpgThink diet pasta can’t taste good? Think again. This Italian dish is one of the most widely enjoyed. Reviewers claim it satisfies their pasta craving without the gut-busting calorie count.

Reviewers had pretty nice things to say:

·        "It's got cheese, it's got marinara sauce, it's got pasta. What's not to love. It fills me up!"

·        "This was a perfect dinner and smart way to watch what I was eating without feeling glum and desolate about another salad. Noodles and sauce are great."

·        "It is my absolute favorite. It is light, but very filling. It is delicious and well worth the $2."

3.      Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach

With all the creamy goodness, you won't miss the meat in this vegetarian dish. It has the right balance of spinach and sauce and they team up pretty well with the mound of pasta you get. Reviewers kept mentioning how simple, yet delicious it was.

Reviewers offered their two cents:

·        "The cream sauce is very tasty and the spinach makes it healthy."

·        "I love spinach, ricotta, and pasta but it's hard to find the right balance to keep it low in calories so this is a must-have for my freezer!"

·        "This is satisfying...creamy and comfort foodish."

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4.      Chicken Ranchero Mini Wraps

These little guys are not only cute, but they pack a flavorful punch. The recipe is great if you're getting a hankering for Mexican food, but you still want to watch your calorie intake. Many reviewers suggested adding a side salad or a dollop of sour cream.

Reviewers had this to say:

·        "Just the right amount of veggies, cheese, chicken, and a little spicy kick. I can't get enough of these!"

·        "This lunch is perfect when I get cravings for taquitos. They are very flavorful and delicious."

·        "It didn't taste like a frozen meal. You could taste the chicken, peppers, cheese, and seasoning and all the flavors went well together."

5.      Spicy Chicken Slider

Here's another mini-sized dish that won over customer's taste buds. As long as you're looking for a spicy kick, then you'll enjoy this meal. Again, because of its size, reviewers recommended eating it with a salad or adding a few low-calorie condiments.

Reviewers had a few suggestions:

·        "These are absolutely delicious... I put a little mayo on the bun and pickles and this is my favorite lunch ever!!"

·        "Really very tasty and so easy to grab for lunch. We use light ranch dressing to dip and add pickles. Feels like we are eating Chick-Fil A!"

·        "Love these, its just the right size for me , and very tasty and satisfying. I add pickles, lettuce, tomato, and a little honey mustard"

6.      Mini Rigatoni with Vodka Cream Sauce

A traditional pasta dish is usually pretty satisfying, but this one in particular is a keeper. The noodles have a nice texture and sauce impressed many taste-testers. A few reviewers mentioned, however, that a recent recipe update didn't make them too happy.

Reviewers' opinions went something like this:

·        "The sauce was tasty and the pasta was AWESOME - it was pillowy and dumpling-like.

·        "The recent change to this product is unacceptable..."

·        "I love vodka sauce, and it's good to be able to indulge. I add vegetables to it."

7.      Chipotle Chicken

We should know by now that Smart Ones does Mexican right. So then it's no surprise that this unique recipe made many customers very happy. The multitude of ingredients come together in a zesty way and all under 200 calories.

Reviewers had many good things to mention:

·        "The new Chipotle Lime Chicken is a home run in my book! I will certainly be buying it again."

·        "Has the perfect amount of sweet lime and spice.. And 170 calories for a meal? That's unheard of."

·        "Lots of protein, low carbs, and low calories. (But) the salt is a bit higher than I feel it needs to be."

8.      Pasta with Swedish Meatballs

I know what you're thinking, this recipe has often been replicated and has been known to be terrible. It may not be the dinner your mother used to cook, but Smart Ones managed to get people loving this meal. The recipe has evolved over time, but the most recent and received positive reviews.

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Reviewers had lots of good things to say:

·        "This is one of my favorites . Very filling and delicious. The flavor is great it almost makes you wanna eat another."

·        "One of my consistent "go to's". The gravy and spices always seem to be just right!"

·        "It seems a little too sweet but it's not too bad at all. I was kind of scared to try frozen meatballs but they were actually pretty good."

9.      Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables

This meal has had a recipe update and while some customers are still big fans, others weren't so thrilled. This Asian dish has a nice traditional flavor to it and at only 250 calories, it was still able to satisfy many reviewer's hungers.

Reviewers typical comments were about:

·        "This meal is still good but not the same as it was before."

·        "A good choice when craving hibachi!"

·        "I can't believe it's so healthy and has so much flavor!"

10.  Crustless Chicken Pot Pie

This non-traditional recipe may be different, but it impressed many of the reviewers just like the others. While most enjoyed the little dumplings, it's clear how they can easily be overcooked in the microwave.

Reviewers opinions were pretty positive:

·        "This was delicious. Good flavor, thick sauce, tender chicken pieces (not dry)."

·        "The sauce was very tasty and creamy. The dumplings were very al dente- except for one smaller one, which was awesome!"

·        "The dumplings were very gummy. I like the flavor, just wish there was less celery."

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