Skip Breakfast?  Never!

Breakfast Boosts Fat Burning

Breakfast revs up your metabolism, so always fill your tank when your alarm goes off.

For a satisfying breakfast that keeps hunger at bay include protein-rich nonfat dairy. Research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  found that morning skim milk drinkers felt more satiated and ate 9 percent less at lunch than subjects who drank another beverage. So work tummy-satisfying dairy into your mornings.

A high fiber, low sugar cereal with skim milk is your best option: Individuals that eat cereal for breakfast at least 5 days a week are less likely to be obese than those who don’t. Cereal eaters also take in more fiber and calcium—vital for weight loss. But remember - high fiber, low sugar is key. If the cereal box has grinning cartoon character whirling around in a sugar rush, put it back on the shelf. 

Weight Watchers offers several high-protein frozen breakfast options, but if you want lasting energy then choose the powerhouse cereal/skim milk combo.

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