Restaurant Soup and Salad

Restaurant Soup and Salad Choices

Order a broth-based soup.

When dining out, order a cup of soup or salad appetizer before your entrée. Studies show that people who consume a broth-based soup or salad prior to a meal end up eating less of that entrée, significantly lessening the total number of calories they consume in a sitting.

Look for a soup rich in vegetables, and if the word creamy is in the description, take a pass. Lentil, chickpea, turkey mushroom, and vegetable are all great picks.

And when it comes to salad, we’re not talking about a bacon and crouton concoction slathered with dressing resembling a milkshake (nice try, loophole seekers). Ask the waiter for a lower calorie dressing such as balsamic on the side, then lightly dunk your fork into the dressing before each bite to save major calories.

And play it smart by asking the waiter not to bring your table a breadbasket (or to take away one already there) so you won’t be tempted to pop a few sourdough slices before your dinner arrives.

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