Dining out on a diet - 3 easy tips

Three Easy Dining Out Tips for Weight Loss

Don't Go to a Restaurant Hungry

by Valerie Kirk

One of the advantages that the Weight Watchers program has over most diet plans is that its flexibility allows you to dine out more easily and more often. But dining out on a diet requires planning and smarts.

Plan ahead. Don't leave the house hungry.

Eating a low sugar, low-cal snack (less than 100 calories) before you leave for a restaurant or party can take the edge off your appetite and make you more likely to choose smart low-cal options. Trust us—a starving person never refuses a breadbasket.

Drink a Glass of Water before your Meal Arrives.

As soon as you arrive at a restaurant, ask for a large glass of water and drink it before you order your meal. The water will help you feel full, so by the time your dinner arrives, the famished feeling will be gone. You may have to bolt to the ladies room three bites into your meal, but not polishing off a plate the size of a trash can lid will be worth it.

Put Your Napkin on Your Plate.

When you know you’ve had enough but there’s still plenty of food on your plate, put your fork and napkin on the plate to signal to the waiter that you’re done. Unless you’ve got a particularly sadistic waiter, he’ll take away the remnants before you can give it a second thought.

Follow these 3 easy dining out tips for weight loss, and you'll avoid sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

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