What is the Lowest and Highest Calorie Sushi?

Why is some sushi so high in calories? The highest calorie sushi rolls include deep fried items, fattening sauces, and cream cheese. Opt for the lowest calorie sushi rolls which keep it simple and add flavor with natural ingredients. Read on to make sure you’re not trading in your healthy eating record for these deceiving morsels of fish and rice.
The Worst
Shrimp Tempura Roll
At 500 calories, this deep fried option isn’t good for anyone’s waistline.
Eel and Avocado Roll
Eel isn’t healthy when slathered in “eel sauce,” which is actually a sugary glaze.
Spicy Tuna Roll
Beware anything “spicy” at the sushi bar, it just means it’s drenched in Sriracha-spiked mayonnaise.
Philadelphia Roll
We love Philly, just not the cream cheese laden roll named after it.
Spider Roll
High levels of carbs and fat means this fried roll is a diet no-no.
The Best
Rainbow Roll
A favorite at sushi places, this nutritious and filling roll avoids fatty ingredients.
Cucumber Roll
You don’t have to be vegetarian to love this low-calorie, low-fat roll.
Tuna Roll
Rich in Omega-3s and not in unhealthy sauces, this roll’s an easy choice.
Salmon and Avocado Roll
Despite the higher calorie content, this roll provides a healthy dose of good, natural fats.
California Roll
This sushi bar staple isn’t bad, but for added nutrition, order it with real crab instead of imitation.
Sushi can be a faux diet food. American-ized, “new age” versions of sushi add fat, calories, and sodium. A good rule of thumb? Keep it simple to keep the weight off.


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