Stay Motivated by Trying New Recipes and Ingredients

Stay Motivated by Trying New Recipes and Ingredients

Add Flavor, Not Fat

Adding shiitake or portabella mushrooms to a dish can increase the flavor but not the fat. Try grilling mushrooms with a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a skillet for 15 minutes for an easy side dish. Goat’s cheese (don’t be biased—all cheese comes from a glaring animal’s udder) is another low-fat way to add flavor to an entrée. Try whipping up a South Beach asparagus omelet with goat cheese (see the website for recipe info). The smooth, creamy texture of goat cheese perfectly compliments the crunchy asparagus. If you don’t mix up your menus and try new foods, you’ll get disinterested easily and find it harder to stay motivated.

You’re more likely to actually eat your daily serving of fruit and vegetables if they’re the freshest, best-tasting varieties you can find. So check out your local farmer’s market (“organic chicks do it better” shirt and Birkenstocks optional) and buy what’s in season throughout the year. The changing varieties of in season foods will keep your taste buds from getting bored. Bonus: You’ll earn extra green points. Couple that with a Prius and you’re practically Cameron Diaz!

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