South Beach Diet Sign Up Day

South Beach Diet Sign Up Day

Getting Started:

Hi. My name is Heidi, and I'm spending 28 days on six different diet plans in a row to review them for Best Diet Tips.

Tomorrow I start the South Beach Diet. The name calls to mind beautiful, rich people in tiny bikinis. Alas, I'm neither rich nor beautiful, and I couldn't fit into a tiny bikini. But I'm giving South Beach a shot anyway.

South Beach is a low-carb diet that was invented by a cardiologist. It’s supposed to be better than Atkins because it promotes leaner, healthier proteins and from the looks of things you aren’t measuring food or counting calories. I haven’t completely finished the book (South Beach Diet Supercharged) but I get the gist of what they want me to do.

Today I signed up at the South Beach Diet website, The charge was $15 per month (billed quarterly), after a free trial week. After your free trial week is over, they charge your credit card $60. If you quit before the end of the quarter, you'll get a refund on everything except the first month. Got that? Yeah, it's a little convoluted, but the price isn't bad.

Once you get signed on to the website you can log your weight, use an online journal, check the message boards, use their etools and build your menus. They have tons of recipes.

You can either let the system choose your menu or you can customize it to suit your own tastes. After you finalize your menu, it will spit out a grocery list for you. Keep in mind that the grocery list will double up some items because it doesn’t understand that it’s the same item and that you just need twice as much of it for two separate recipes. Small glitch. The whole thing is still pretty easy to navigate and use.

There is a “marketplace” tab and I went there looking for foods I could order but it just sends you to There seem to be several people selling the South Beach meal bars, salad dressings, drink mixes, and wrap sandwich bread. Forget about the frozen entrees, as they were discontinued back in 2009.

I spent about $200 at the grocery store today because some of the ingredients in my menu items are a little exotic. Butter lettuce, endive, dry white sherry, and hearts of palm don’t come cheap. There were several items on the list that I simply could not find at the grocery store. I tried Trader Joe’s and was able to find a few more of the missing items but then I just gave up. Green onions can stand in for chives and lettuce is lettuce (I decided not to buy the 3 varieties requested on my list).

I know how to do low-carb in its simplest format but I’m hoping to try some new recipes and get into the cooking part of this. Wish me luck!

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