South Beach Diet Day 4 - Fruit Withdrawals

South Beach Diet Day 4 - Fruit Withdrawals 

Today's South Beach Diet Tips:

* For snacks on South Beach, think outside of the box (delicious El Pollo Loco chicken breast? Hell, yeah!).

* I never thought I’d ever say this but…I have fruit withdrawals.

And now, here are the details of my 4th day on the South Beach Diet...

What I Weighed Today: 198 lbs. (8am)

I like scrambled eggs whipped until fluffy and cooked in real butter with just a little salt added on the plate. Absolutely perfect! Turns out Egg Beaters in butter flavored Pam…not so perfect.

Even after downing a huge coffee, I could not stop feeling like I was going to heave. It wasn't the taste but the texture. I can barely write this without feeling all bubbly in my throat. Will I have them again? Yes. But I’ll need to have them scrambled with a pantload of veggies or turkey sausage to add a different texture to each bite.

Good god, what an experience. My appetite was pretty screwed for the first part of the day because of it. I had chopped up a few heads of endive lettuce and hearts of palm and added some pre-cooked salmon from Trader Joe’s late in the day, tossing it with some low-cal dressing. It was stupendous--really tangy and filling. This was not a South Beach recipe, but one I thought of all on my own. I felt like such a chef.

By the end of the day I was still full from the salad and my late afternoon snack but I knew I would need something to keep my protein levels up. On my way home I picked up a chicken breast from El Pollo Loco. It was delicious and super filling. Topped the evening off with a little sugar-free Jell-O and Fat-Free Cool Whip which is an allowed sweet on South Beach. It was pretty good but I must admit that I would have rather had an apple or some melon.

I knew the cravings for fruit would come but not quite this soon. For me everything is about wanting what I can't have. If this diet was all fruit, I would want veggies. If this diet was all butter I would want low-fat margarine. It’s kind of a no-win with me. Even the most doable programs leave me wanting more.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: Egg Beaters, 2 cups coffee w/1 cup Non-Fat Milk and 4 tbsp Sugar-Free Syrup
Lunch: Salmon, Endive and Hearts of Palm Salad, 3 tablespoons Girard’s Light Champagne Dressing
Snack: 1 Babybel Cheese, 3 oz Low-Fat String Cheese, Tri-Color Peppers
Dinner: 1 El Pollo Loco Chicken Breast
Snack: 1 Sugar-Free JELL-O w/Fat-Free whipped topping


I have already noticed that my energy and feelings of well-being are far better than they were on my last diet plan and I don’t feel like I have to work as hard to be “good” on this program. However, I still want what I want and that is maddening. I also feel like there is more to be learned about this diet. I have been cruising the website and reading the book South Beach Diet Super-Charged but I still feel like I don’t fully know what I'm doing except that I need to eat “clean.” Clean in the South Beach community means as little processed food as possible and certainly no white food (sugar, flour, salt, etc.). Those concepts are easy for someone of my diet knowledge to comprehend and apply but it can't be that easy. Can it?

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