South Beach Diet Day 22 - Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Meal Bar

South Beach Diet Day 22 - Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Meal Bar

Today's South Beach Diet Tips:

* Stock your office desk or fridge with South Beach plan snacks so you’re always prepared when hunger strikes.

* Dip thy salad fork daintily into thy dressing on the side before each salad bite, and thou wilt be rewarded with dainty thighs.

And now, here are the details of my 22nd day on the South Beach Diet...

What I Weighed Today: 193.5 lbs. (8am)

What a day!! Today was my first day working at Concern. Their books are far more organized and complex than my other clients but it is awesome to have a new challenge and to feel like I'm working at a well-oiled machine.

 I was so busy today that I barely noticed not having a real lunch. I had a bag of veggies and string cheese so I guess you could count that. The veggies were yellow and green string beans. They steam in the bag and usually I then sprinkle Butter Buds on them but I forgot to bring any today. So I ate the beans naked and damn if they weren't sweet, delicious, and filling! I put the plate next to my computer monitor and ate them with my fingers like chips. It was awesome. They lasted, like, two hours because I was so into what I was doing and only picked up a few in between thoughts or tasks.

I want to get settled in and see what kind of niche I can create for myself here. The atmosphere is very laid back, but in a productive way. There is work to be done and everybody just does their thing. It feels like working for a "real company" which I haven't done for a while,  and I love it.

Most of the other bookkeeping work that I do is for very small clients. There is a lot of hand-holding and specialized reporting that is necessary in order to help them understand their own finances. That kind of service makes me feel important and needed which is great, but it also makes me feel like I am losing sight of what mainstream finance departments would require. This new challenge will put me back where I want to be, which is answering to people with an accounting background. I love it.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: 1 South Beach Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Meal Bar, Starbucks Venti Skinny Caramel Latte
Lunch: 1 South Beach Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Meal Bar
Snack: Steamed String Beans, 3 oz Low-Fat String Cheese
Dinner: Chicken Ginger Salad w/Low-Fat Dressing
Snack: 1/2 bag Baby Carrots


The president of this organization NEVER eats. Literally, never. The other two girls are little people who do eat but they nibble all day and then go get a salad for lunch. Food and stopping to eat is not a major thing here. This is good and bad for me. Most diet programs insist that you eat at regular intervals and sometimes without seeing someone else eat, I forget or wait too late to eat. That can really screw up your metabolism. I am going to need to watch that and try to manage my meals properly, even if my meals are only South Beach meal bars for the next 6 days.

I picked up teriyaki chicken and rice to share at parenting class tonight. For myself I got a chicken ginger salad and made sure they put the dressing on the side. It was yummy and the dressing didn't seem overly sweet. I didn't pour it all over the salad. I dipped my fork in it to get the essence, then skewered salad onto the dressed up fork. By the time I finished the salad there was barely a dent in the little cup of dressing. I didn't feel deprived per se, but damn I wanted a big scoop of the rice that came with the teriyaki chicken. Sticky, gooey, gluey, yummy!

Product Reviews:
* South Beach Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Meal Bar – 140 calories
MEH. The bar is okay. But in comparison to the others, it just doesn’t stand out. It tastes like an oatmeal cookie but it tastes like a HEALTHY oatmeal cookie, which does not thrill or satisfy. It is far smaller and lighter than the other bars. Maybe you are supposed to have it as a snack or accompaniment to something else. It has 10 grams of protein, which is pretty good, but again falls behind the other bars. So if there’s less thrill and less nutritional value, why bother?

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