South Beach Diet - Cooking Family Meals

Cooking Family Meals on South Beach Diet

Get Your Family On Board!

If you’ve got a family, cooking special meals for yourself in addition to the rest of your clan can get exhausting, and you may be tempted to throw out your healthy dinner when your kids close their eyes and purr “Mmm” as they wolf down their Pizza Hut entrée. Don't!

Try incorporating South Beach recipes into your family’s repertoire. If your kids love mashed potatoes, whip up a batch of the South Beach Diet version, which uses cauliflower. If they chomp sugary cereal as if Captain Crunch is their messiah, introduce them to South Beach Diet oatmeal pancakes.

South Beach high protein cereal bars (particularly the peanut butter flavor) can easily replace the sugar-loaded granola bars your kids covet. And Jell-O is a South Beach-approved dessert that your kids will love to play with (and eventually eat).

If everyone surrounding you is always eating junk food or takeout, your willpower can take a major nose-dive. Banishing all of your kids’ favorite foods is like killing Big Bird, but incorporating some of your healthy new dishes into their lives can benefit everyone.

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