Save Time and Effort

Save Time and Effort

Martha Stewart Approved!

Because the South Beach Diet can involve significantly more planning than other diets, to preserve your culinary sanity you might want to make Sunday your prep day for the week. Many people underestimate the amount of cooking they’ll be doing on this plan and can easily lose motivation if every day seems like a culinary chore. So set yourself up for a successful week: On Sunday cook batches of vegetables and protein portions and place snacks in single serving bags to make them grab-and-go.

You can also turn leftovers into timesaving (and money saving) meals to reheat throughout the week by storing them in airtight containers (if your steak is sporting a vibrant greenish hue, it doesn’t mean the meat has “ripened”). And because some foods can lose their appeal after a day or two, try using them as a base for another meal. A roast turkey can be eaten for several days, and then the remaining meat can be used to make South Beach turkey and mushroom soup.

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