Nutrisystem Day 5 - Tired and Light-Headed

Nutrisystem Day 5: I feel Exhausted and Light-headed

Today's Nutrisystem Tips...

* Having a snack with both carbs and protein after doing something physical can keep you from feeling exhausted.

And now, here are the details of my 5th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 204 lbs. (8am)

I had to call Syd today to get her advice because I am feeling progressively weak and exhausted.  I have a show tonight which means I will be on my feet dancing and singing for three 45-minute sets and I need to have energy.  Can you imagine how mortified I would be if I passed out in the middle of a show?  You know when that happens everyone thinks you’re a drug addict.  I mean I could throw out the normal celebrity excuses:

Exhaustion, stress, and dehydration.

But they don’t buy that crap when a celebrity pulls it and they certainly won’t buy it from my fat ass.  So I needed to find out if 1) This is normal and 2) There’s something I can do to make myself feel better by tonight besides eating a side of beef. 

So, I called Syd and told her what I was going through: Exhaustion, light-headedness, and inability to concentrate.  She said her symptom both this time and the last time was headaches.  She assured me it would go away after a few days and explained that my body needed to get used to the lower amount of calories and that there was probably even a bit of detoxing going on because I wasn’t eating as much salt and fat.  I get that.  She also said that I should bring a protein source to my gig and be vigilant about the amount of water I drink.  We decided the BBQ Soy Chips and an apple would be a good snack to bring for protein and a bit of sugar to keep my energy up.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS Turkey & Egg Breakfast Sandwich, 1 oz Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese, 4 cups Coffee w/8 tablespoons Fat-Free Creamer & 4 tablespoons Sugar-Free Hazelnut syrup – 320 calories
Lunch: NS Split Pea Soup, 2 cups Baby Carrots, 1 Low-Fat String Cheese – 300 calories
Snack: 1 Non-Fat Yogurt  – 80 calories
Dinner: NS Glazed Chicken Tenders, 1 apple – 315.1 calories
Dessert: NS BBQ Soy Chips – 140 calories

Dancing, 2 hours 

My show went really well, the crowd loved me and I felt good.  I don’t eat directly before I go onstage because it makes me burp and feel bloated. But I ate a good dinner before I left the house and brought my water and my little snack to eat after the show or during if I got woozy.  I made it almost to the end before I started to feel bad.  I pushed through it then sat on the floor in the office/dressing room they had set up for us and ate my snack.  I felt better almost immediately and was able to drive home in a fairly energetic state at 2 a.m. 

This situation is a little worrisome for me but I will give it a few more days.  Hundreds--no, thousands--of people eat like this every day and they’re doing just fine.  When I was a teenager, I used to live on an apple a day for weeks and work out every day and it didn’t kill me or make me feel bad.  Surely I can do this………right?

Product Reviews:
* NS Turkey & Egg Breakfast Sandwich  – 170 calories
YUM!  I am not an egg sandwich girl!! I order Egg McMuffins without the egg, which for all intents and purposes is a ham sammich! But I ate this with the egg on it and enjoyed it thoroughly.  It was one of my frozen entrées.  It has a whole-wheat, slightly sweet bun, then they add a slice of smoked turkey, an egg (perfectly round McDonald’s-style), and a few chunks of grilled pineapple!! Never would have thought of it but it was absolutely delicious.  This is one thing I would buy on my own if it was available.  It was filling, satisfying, and enjoyable.
* NS Split Pea Soup – 180 calories
MEH.  Still just freeze-dried loser food.
* NS Glazed Chicken Tenders – 260 calories
MEH. I think this was supposed to be Asian-inspired but it was just weird.  It was sweet and a little spicy.  About 5 little nuggets of chicken in a mystery coating with rice and veggies. Not disgusting or inedible but intensely boring and because it was sweet I couldn’t even add salt to bring a little zing.  At least they didn’t try to call it something it wasn’t.
* NS BBQ Soy Chips – 110 calories
MEH.  But starting to grow on me.  Can’t be sure because I was STARVING by the time I ate them.

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