Nutrisystem Day 4 - Marie Osmond is Fifty-Something and Thin

Nutrisystem Day 4 - Marie Osmond is a Better Dieter than Me.

Today's Nutrisystem Tips...

* The Nutrisystem program touts their meals as being trans fat free, but news flash: So do plenty of other diet food companies whose meals don’t taste like sawdust. 

* Prolonging physical activity just prolongs your weight-loss results.

And now, here are the details of my 4th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 204 lbs. (8am)

Something is not right.  I don’t just feel funny, I feel uber-funny.  I bent over to pick something up today and when I straightened up I saw spots and got all swimmy.  I’m going to up my supplements and water and see if that helps.  I have had nutritional issues for years so I have to watch iron, potassium, and sometimes B-vitamin intake to be sure I’m getting enough.  I have no clue what my body is getting from the NS food because it is all so processed. 

Marie Osmond did this diet and continues to stay on it.  She was on Oprah talking about it and she’s pretty thin (like a 2 / 4).  That’s great but I am not so much in awe of her ability to lose the weight on this plan but her ability to continue the plan for over a year now.  The idea of continuing to eat this food or EVER eating again after this month makes me want to drive a fork into my jugular.  Marie said she chose this diet because it’s “heart healthy” and her mother died of heart disease.  I think she was referring to the fact that Nutrisystem avoids trans fats but most healthy meal plans avoid those fats.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS Egg Frittata, ¼ cup Low-Fat Cottage Cheese, 4 cups Coffee w/8 tablespoons Fat-Free Creamer & 4 tablespoons Sugar-Free Hazelnut syrup – 240.7 calories
Lunch: NS Black Bean Tortilla Soup, 2 cups Baby Carrots, 1 Low-Fat String Cheese – 340 calories
Snack: 1 small Apple, 1 Non-Fat Yogurt  – 140.7 calories
Dinner: NS Asian-Style Beef, 6 cups Romaine Lettuce, 2 tablespoons Girard’s Light Caesar Dressing, 1 tablespoon Kraft Fat-Free Caesar Dressing – 424.2 calories
Dessert: NS BBQ Soy Chips – 140 calories


5 ‘full’ push-ups
10 ‘half’ push-ups
30 sit-ups
10 minutes of stretching 

The goal of any meal plan designed to assist fatties in turning their backs on their favorites should be to make the healthy food as delicious as possible.  When you do that you do sacrifice bulk for taste but the bulk can be supplemented with vegetables.  This plan assumes that you will want to just shovel down bulk.  Marie Osmond is must be 60 years old.  Maybe she’s already going through that old people thing where you lose your taste buds.  It just dawned on me: THAT’S what a lot of this food reminds me of.  The food they used to bring my great grandma at the home.  And the food at the little ghetto casinos here in Los Angeles.  It comes on a plate with plastic wrap on it and you can totally gum it if you have no teeth. 

I am trying to stay active but my mornings are an extremely difficult time for me because my sleep patterns are all off.  I’m up at weird times and exhausted in the morning.  I’m only four days in so I’m not sure I can blame this on the diet, but I wonder…

Product Reviews:
* NS Egg Frittata – 120 calories
MEH. Powdered eggs w/dried veggies.  The directions said to put them in the microwave after adding hot water and stirring.  I had been advised by my friend Sydney not to cook any of the egg items in the microwave so I put the powdery water in a bodkin and then sat it in the toaster oven.  The result was the consistency of baked cottage cheese.  There was nothing remotely ‘eggy’ about it but it wasn’t horrible as long as you didn’t try to apply a title to it.  It was not eggs.  It was not a frittata.  It was not cottage cheese.  Lets just say it was a savory non-defined protein source.
* NS Black Bean Tortilla Soup – 200 calories
MEH. Not bad.  Freeze-dried. Filling.  Nothing to write home about but with a little doctoring would have been about  7 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Some fat-free sour cream or cheese & pico de gallo would have livened this up quite a bit.  I didn’t have that so it was just bland Cup-O-Soup with a fancy name.   
* NS Asian-Style Beef – 300 calories
W.T.F.? *Heavy sigh* It depresses me when it takes 3 bites for a meal to ‘grow on me’ before I can say I like it.  This means I don’t really like it but I know its all I get so I find a way to get through it.  This was one of my frozen entrées and they put more vegetables in it.  It weighed 10 oz as opposed to the standard 8 or 9 oz for the vacuum-packed meals.  I was hungry so even though I didn’t like the meal that much, I was glad there was lots of it. 
* NS BBQ Soy Chips – 110 calories
MEH. This was a woeful attempt at barbeque flavoring.  Imagine someone taking a cup of sugar and mixing in paprika & ketchup.  TA DA!! Barbeque chips that taste like a little kid made them in their Easy Bake Oven.  *And yes I ate them all, it’s all I’ve got for 28 days.  Don’t hate ‘em, but SERIOUSLY don’t like ‘em.


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