Nutrisystem Day 28 - Gross Food but a Sense of Accomplishment

Nutrisystem Day 28 - Gross Food but a Sense of Accomplishment

Today's Nutrisystem Tips:

* Seeing the health struggles of older family members can be a reminder to take preventative measures now.

* Seeing Nutrisystem through to the end has given me a sense of I-can-do-anything accomplishment. But eating this gross food for one more day might have cost me my sanity!

And now, here are the details of my 28th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 197 lbs. (8am)

Well, this is it.  Last day on NutriSh*t-stem and I weigh 197. That is a weight I thought I would never see again and now that I have seen it, all I can think about is 190.

Most of today I was in my car. I made the six hour drive to Northern California to surprise my mother for her birthday. She was literally screaming with happiness. It made me feel good to have done that for her.

On the way up, I wasn’t even tempted by the roadside food (which is usually a problem for me). I don’t think it’s the food that I’m so into, it’s just a very boring drive that can be made far more enjoyable with seasoned curly fries. I got a coffee and I did look for some low-fat snacks but couldn’t find them. I had put some fruit, cucumbers, and string cheese in the car and eating that with a stop at Starbucks was fine. I didn’t feel deprived. 

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, 1 apple – 320 calories
Lunch: NS Flame Broiled Beef Patty, NS Ravioli Formaggio, 3 cups Cucumbers, 1 Starbucks Iced Venti Skinny Latte – 398  calories
Snack: None – 1 Apple, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese – 125.1 calories
Dinner: 1 Pear, 4 cups Baby Carrots, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese  – 301.5 calories
Dessert:  None  – 0 calories


My mom and I have already made plans to go swimming tomorrow. The only thing that will save my ass or keep it small over this next week will be to keep up my exercise plan.

Watching my mother struggle to move is motivating to me because I don’t want to wind up in that same predicament. Her weight is part of her issue but it is exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle. She has arthritis and bad knees but one of the things she enjoys and makes her feel better is spending time in the water. However, when she leaves the pool the cool air locks up her joints and she is homebound for a couple of days recovering.

When I look at my mother I know that this could easily be my future. I usually limit exercising to every other day because I am uncomfortable the day after working out. The people with the bodies I admire most work out every day but I am afraid of overtaxing my body in a way that will cause me not to be able to exercise at all.

My hope is that eventually my body will let me know that I can do more. My mom used to be a distance runner, which is why her knees are jacked now.  My sister has been runner for years and her knees and back are jacked, too. Coincidence? I think not.  The one thing I am convinced of is that the only way to keep off the weight I lose on these plans is to exercise. I think the eating causes the loss and the exercise locks it in.  It’s a pretty immature way to think about it but having that formula in my head keeps me headed in the right direction…for now.

Product Reviews:
* NS Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal  – 150 calories
MEH. Not horrible but glad I won’t have to eat it ever again.  
* NS Flame Broiled Beef Patty  – 90 calories
WTF?! I thought this would be a vacuum-packed patty like the chicken patty I had before.  But when I opened the outer box, I noticed that the little packet inside was very light and hard.  I read the directions and found out that it was a freeze-dried patty that you float in a bowl of hot water to reconstitute.  Seriously??!! I took a bite… wasn’t the worst thing I’ve eaten on this plan but I refuse to pretend this is food. 
* NS Ravioli Formaggio  – 270 calories
YUM! They have consistently made good ravioli and this was no exception.  It was a frozen entrée and very heavy.  Nothing wrong with heavy as long as it tastes good and this did.  The sauce was a little acidic for my taste but I deduct no points for that since that could have been remedied with a little fat-free cheese or fat-free Half & Half.

1. Go online immediately, as the discussion boards are lined with people who want to help you succeed with this program.
2. Learn early how to doctor up the food. There are tons of recipes on the website.
3. Don’t be afraid to add in a few of your favorites (but not too many). 
4. Before you order, check the “User Favorites” list and look at every picture before you pick anything. You will still get some grossness but you may avoid some things that you are really going to hate.
5. If something doesn’t sound like something you would like, only order 1 the first time. Nothing is worse than being stuck with 2 or 3 of something nasty.
6. There are several “freebies” or things you can have an abundance of, such as veggies.  Check this list immediately and stock up.  If you can’t find the list, go to the message boards and post the question. You will get tons of info.
7. Run a search on “eating out” if you are going out to dinner.  It will help you plan a meal that won’t blow the whole thing in one night.
8. Plan your day’s eating early, if you think you might have to work late, bring your dinner with you.  The worst feeling is being stuck somewhere without the food and not being sure how to eat without messing up the plan.
9. Try to stick to the suggested portions but listen to your body.  If it doesn’t feel good, adjust!
10. There are several ways to contact and converse with a counselor.  Use this resource when you get confused.  You paid for it!

1. It works.  Following the plan results in weight loss.
2. You get to add in some of your own foods.
3. It seems like a healthy plan.

1. The food is gross.
2. You really don’t have control of what you want to eat.
3. You have no idea how the food is prepared. What must they need to put in that food so it can sit on your counter for a month?
4. Is it possible for vacuum-sealed or freeze-dried food to be truly healthy?
5. The food is gross.

Who should give Nutrisystem a try:
If you are a person who eats a lot of fast, frozen, and pre-packaged food.
If you hate to cook and hate to think about what you want to eat.

Who should avoid Nutrisystem:
If you like fresh food and enjoy cooking for yourself and your family. 
If you like to plan meals and like to eat what you are “in the mood for.”
If you frequently eat out at quality restaurants and avoid fast food.

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