Nutrisystem Day 25 - Homestyle Pancakes, Frustration, and Anger

Nutrisystem Day 25 - Homestyle Pancakes, Frustration, and Anger

Today's Nutrisystem Tips:

* Being on this Nutrisystem diet makes it a lot easier to flip the bitch switch when someone ruffles your feathers.

And now, here are the details of my 25th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 200 lbs. (8am)

I was talking to my mother on the phone when my car ran out of gas. Stupid, I know. I was supposed to get gas right after I left work but I forgot and was almost all the way home when my car gasped and stopped. Idiot. Idiot!

I was able to pull halfway into a driveway of some tacky motel but because it was an incline I couldn’t get the car to go all the way in. So enough of my ass was hanging out in traffic on a busy street, not to mention that I was blocking a large part of the driveway. 

Just as I get on the phone with roadside assistance this woman in a big white truck pulls up behind me wanting to pull into the driveway.  I point to my hazard lights and shrug the universal sign that means “Nothing I can do, sorry.” Bitch blows her horn at me and yells, “Move your car!” I splay my hands and scrunch my face, universal sign of “There’s nothing I can do, dumbass!” She blows again and I flip her the universal sign that I am no longer listening.

Okay, I'm an idiot for letting my car run out of gas, but this woman is a real JERK. One important thing to note is that there are two--count ‘em, two--driveways to this motel.  She had already passed the other one and simply had to flip a u-turn to go back to it.  Instead she proceeds to just lay on her horn for over a minute!

Now we have already discussed the fact that my temper is extremely short due to the limited portions of my drug of choice (food).  So I am totally flipping out screaming and cursing at this woman, all the while the roadside assistance guy is trying to get my information.  She finally flips the U and goes into the other driveway but I know it’s not over.  A few minutes later, here she comes, a big fat Samoan woman, feet spilling over her flip-flops with some dirty-faced kid in tow.  Apparently her beef with me was the fact that I flipped her off and disrespected her in front of her kid.  She then made gestures as though she were going to punch me in the face or my vagina. No lie!  This crazy cow pulled a punch to my vaginal area. 

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS Homestyle Pancakes, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, 4 cups Coffee w/10 tablespoons Sugar-Free Hazelnut Creamer – 400 calories
Lunch: NS Chicken Fajita Melt, 1 Apple – 295.1 calories
Snack: 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, 1 Apple – 195.1 calories
Dinner: NS Tender Beef with Portobello Mushrooms, 3 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese – 429.9 calories
Dessert: NS Ice Cream Sandwich  – 130 calories



I proceeded to not move, and simply berated her in every way I could.  I called her a loser, questioned her fitness to be a parent, suggested that she could not read or formulate a proper English sentence.  I said things that I am sure will be in a file somewhere that will be pulled out and read to me when I die. 

I'm not proud of this but...

I unleashed on her 25 days of food frustration! I growled that she was acting like a jackass in front of her kid and told her she'd be put in jail if she hit me.  Finally she walked away and went into her motel room, periodically yelling ‘fu*k you!’ out of her window until the tow truck came to assist me.

I tell this story because I am actually ashamed of the things I said to that woman.  I don’t know her circumstance and I should have been better than that.  But my fuse is so short and I truly believe it is a reaction to this food plan.

My emotions are very close to the surface and I don’t think this is going to be the last time I am going to struggle with controlling myself.  The trade-off would be burying my emotions in food and being the jolly fat girl again.

Product Reviews:
* NS Homestyle Pancakes  – 180 calories
YUM! I ate these plain today.  They were very tasty.  A hint of cinnamon and slightly sweet.
* NS Chicken Fajita Melt  – 240 calories
MEH. An extremely lightweight Hot Pocket.  Tasted pretty good but didn’t taste like fajitas.  I guess anybody can call veggies, chicken and cheese fajitas as long as you mix in some chili pepper.  The taste was pretty boring.  Definitely not what I was expecting or hoping for. 
* NS Tender Beef with Portobello Mushrooms – 220 calories
WTF? Frozen entrée. Tasteless and a couple of the pieces of meat were not that tender.  Once again I expected more and was disappointed.  The 1 positive was the fact that it included pasta so it was a bit more filling than some of the other meals.  But it was still not something I would ever want to eat again.
* NS Ice Cream Sandwich  – 130 calories
YUM! Creamy, chocolatey, messy, YUMMY!

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