Nutrisystem Day 19 - Bad Taste in My Mouth

Nutrisystem Day 19 - Bad Taste in My Mouth

Today's Nutrisystem Tips:

* I can only eat so many Nutrisystem meals that taste like cat food before I snap.

* The Nutrisystem lifestyle is not a long-term one.

* I slip fluidly into the martyr roll with very little provocation.

And now, here are the details of my 19th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 200 lbs. (8am)

Most days the food on this program is good for a snarky little giggle, other days it is torture. This food is f*cking disgusting. Aside from the fact that staying pretty much true to the plan is working, I am often miserable. I don’t know how people make a lifestyle out of this program.

For me, making this plan a lifestyle would be a definite sign that I had returned to the embrace of my eating disorder. It would mean that I had decided that being thin took precedence over being happy.  Not that I don’t believe that it wouldn't be possible for me to make that leap, I just don’t want to. And, most important, I don’t believe it is necessary. The suffering of dieting or eating right is truly in not being able to have AS MUCH of what you want as you used to have. 

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, 4 cups Coffee w/6 tablespoons Fat-Free Creamer, 2 teaspoons Powdered Creamer & 4 tablespoons Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup – 280 calories
Lunch: NS Tomato and Corn Chowder – 200 calories
Snack: 1 Nectarine – 60.7 calories
Dinner: NS Chicken Breast Patty, 5 cups Mixed Greens, 2 tablespoons Girard’s Light Champagne Dressing , 2 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese  – 388.2 calories
Dessert: NS Milk Chocolately Delight Bar  – 150 calories



I have vowed that I will stick with Nutrisystem for 28 days. That means I have 9 more days of eating this gross food and praying each time I open up a package that it won’t be so bad that I want to cry. I know how whiny this sounds, but I am so unhappy right now.

Product Reviews:
* NS Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal  – 200 calories
MEH. Still just ok. Works for putting something in the tummy in the morning.
* NS Tomato and Corn Chowder  – 200 calories
YUMMY! This is so freaking good I could eat it every day!! Thick and tasty. More like a veggie chili than a soup.
* NS Chicken Breast Patty  – 160 calories
WTF?!! The picture on the front of the vacuum-sealed pack looks like a grilled chicken breast.  I opened it up and it slid out onto my plate in this stinky slime that reminded me of what they packed spam in when I was a kid.  This, my friends, could only be described as chicken Spam and it had all the disgusting, cat-food like qualities of Spam.  It was clearly pressed together chicken bits.  Those creative little Nutrisystem minxes had somehow drawn on these grill lines to give you the impression that someone had actually grilled the “patty.”  It was practically inedible, even chopped up as tiny as possible and buried in lettuce. No one deserves to have to eat this.
* NS Milk Chocolately Delight Bar  – 150 calories
MEH. It didn’t make me wanna barf but it didn’t make up for the cat food  I ate for dinner.  It left that waxy feel and musty aftertaste in my mouth just like all their chocolate products do.

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