Nutrisystem Day 18 - Turkey and Egg Breakfast Sandwich is NS Best Breakfast!

Nutrisystem Day 18 - Turkey and Egg Breakfast Sandwich is NS Best Breakfast!

Today's Nutrisystem Tips:

* Slow day. Not a lot of learning going on.

And now, here are the details of my 18th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 200.5 lbs. (8am)

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS Turkey and Egg Breakfast Sandwich, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, 1 apple – 365.1 calories
Lunch: NS Toasted Ham and Cheese, 1 cup Baby Carrots, 1 cup Cucumbers, 1 Starbucks Iced Venti Skinny Latte – 367.5 calories
Snack: None – 0 calories
Dinner: NS Roast Turkey Medallions, 2 cups Baby Squash, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, Frozen Fruit Cup - Ruby Red Grapefruit  – 492.8 calories
Dessert: NS Orange Crème Bar  – 90 calories


Walking, 19 minutes (1 mile)
Weight Training, 15 minutes

And we are back to the 200-pound mark.  Apparently that extra pound was hiding behind my spleen so that it could jump out and surprise me today.  I am surprisingly nonplussed about the setback.  I know that I will get there. I am doing everything right and being more stringent about it than I ever have.

Product Reviews:
* NS Turkey and Egg Breakfast Sandwich  – 170 calories
YUMMY! This is still so filling and satisfying.  It almost makes this diet worth it….ALMOST.
* NS Toasted Ham and Cheese  – 230 calories
YUMMY! This was like a frozen Ham & Cheese Pop Tart.  I cooked it a little too long in the toaster oven so it was darker and crispier than I think it was meant to be but it was good.  The outside was obviously whole-grain and tasted pretty much like wheat bread.  The inside was not overstuffed and ooey-gooey like we fatties enjoy in a grilled ham & cheese sammich but it gave you enough taste to get the idea and feel satisfied.  Can’t wait to have this again.
* NS Roast Turkey Medallions  – 220 calories
WTF?  Dry, tasteless, old people food!! I had high hopes for this because it was a frozen entrée but it was total crap.  On the box there is a picture of perfectly round, moist-looking turkey medallions.  When you open the box you find broken turkey crumbles that look like what’s leftover after the family gets up from the table at Thanksgiving.  You know the jacked-up bits left on the bottom of the platter under the turkey carcass.  On top of that, the gravy was completely tasteless.  I added salt to no avail, turned it into slightly salty crap.   
* NS Orange Crème Bar  – 90 calories
Yummy!  An ice cream swirl bar just like when I was a kid!! It was really good and there was no aftertaste.  BUT there was this slightly gritty feel to the ice cream.  Not sure what that was but it wasn’t bad enough to be a deal breaker.

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