Nutrisystem Day 16 - Bloating on Freebie Foods

 Nutrisystem Day 16 - Bloating on Freebie Foods!

Today's Nutrisystem Tips:

* Some of Nutrisystem’s “freebie” foods are major body bloaters and may be worth skipping.

* Exercise is a lot easier when you’re presented lip-smacking eye candy.

And now, here are the details of my 16th day on NS...

What I Weighed Today: 200 lbs. (8am)

I had a meeting today that took up most of the day and it was quite a test of reality.  I proudly brought a salad that I bought at Trader Joe’s the night before but there was no microwave so I couldn’t bring an entrée. That meant I had to pray there would be a protein source I could substitute but not go overboard with. I did very well but boy-oh-boy was it hard.

The deli platter was from Jerry’s Deli and included the most delicious turkey I’ve ever tasted.  I know how that sounds but it was perfect in every way. I put a dot of grainy mustard on each slice and then savored each bite. It was unreal how delicious it was!

When I got to the point where I thought I was going to go overboard, I ate my salad, which also was scrumptious.  I indulged in a couple of pickles which are freebies according to the NutriSystem website but they can’t possibly truly be freebies because the salt will eventually bloat you up to the point where Macy’s will want to float you down the middle of New York on Thanksgiving Day. So I kept staring at them but I managed to stop at 2 ½ even though they were exquisite and refreshing. 

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: NS NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal, 1 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese, 4 cups Coffee w/6 tablespoons Fat-Free Creamer, 2 teaspoons Powdered Creamer & 4 tablespoons Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup – 260 calories
Lunch: 3 oz. Lean Roast Beef, 3 oz. Lean Turkey Breast, 10 Cashews, 5 Whole-Wheat Crackers, 3 tablespoons Salad Dressing, 2.5 Dill Pickles, 1/3 cup White Kidney Beans, 1 oz. Low-Fat Cheese, 4 cups Coffee w/6 tablespoons Fat-Free Creamer, 2 teaspoons Powdered Creamer & 4 tablespoons Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup – 816.4 calories
Snack: 1 Apple – 55.1 calories
Dinner: NS Lasagna, 2 cups Baby Carrots, 2 oz. Low-Fat String Cheese  – 683.5 calories
Dessert: None  – 0 calories


Walking, 19 minutes (1 mile)
Weight Training, 15 minutes

I went to the gym.  I’ve shaved three minutes off my mile. It felt great. I felt motivated and strong and I started thinking of other ways to challenge myself. I want to be able to swim a mile in the pool in a ½ an hour.  I can swim 10 laps right now but I’ve never timed myself and I have no idea how many lengths of the pool it would take to cover a mile. I asked the gym employees but none of them knew.  I’ll try calling the sales department; maybe they know.

My first step will be to see if I can even swim a mile and then I will start timing it.  I look gross in a bathing suit but I actually started swimming at this gym about a year ago so it usually doesn’t bother me to just do what I need to do. 

Occasionally there is an inordinately cute guy in the jacuzzi next to the swimming pool and I find myself lingering in the pool until he leaves.  But other than that, I just concentrate on what I need to do and get in and out. Screw it. Eyes on the prize, right?

Product Reviews:
* NS NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal  – 100 calories
YUM! Kind of like whole-grain Frosted Flakes.  Not sure what the ‘frost’ was but it was good and not too sweet.  The cereal stayed crunchy all the way to the end.  But the end came quickly because it was barely a handful of cereal.  I would venture to say the serving was about ¾ of a cup.  That takes about 6 tablespoons to eat.  LOL.
* NS Lasagna  – 260 calories
MEH.  This dish had no va-voom.  Too watery around the edges, a little bland in the middle, and not enough body in the flavor.  It was filling, which was good, and it wasn’t gross but I wasn’t impressed.

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