Low-Glycemic Dieter?

Low-Glycemic Dieter?

Go Low (Glycemic)

Researchers conducting a 12-month study in Boston found that when obese subjects consumed unlimited low-glycemic carbohydrates, they lost as much weight as those who followed a calorie-restricted, traditional low-fat diet. Low-glycemic dieters also had large decreases in fatty substances in their blood (a contributor to heart disease).

Sound good? Try the Nutrisystem Advanced program, which focuses on low-glycemic foods. If your doctor dishes out health scoldings each year after your checkup, try this program and you’ll finally get the coveted Spongebob Squarepants sticker given to all his gold star patients. Even if you’re not on the Nutrisystem Advanced plan, you can still make your snacks low glycemic and reap positive effects. Between meals snack on cherries, grapefruit, and red peppers, which have a lower glycemic value than other produce.

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