Don’t Give Up Cooking

Don’t Give Up Cooking

Smart Home Cooking

If you’d mourn the loss of your Martha Stewart reputation, the Nutrisystem Flex Plan might be your best bet. Many Nutrisystem members aren’t aware of this option, but the flex plan has two flexible days where you can bust out the culinary skills and even includes a recipe book to compliment the program.

Some tips to keep your home-cooked meals healthy and slimming: If you’re cooking a dish with vegetables, steam instead of boil. Boiling vegetables can substantially deplete their vitamin content. If you’re already rolling your eyes than fine—boil the damn squash. At least you’re eating veggies!

And hey there, Martha Stewart—you know how you can make that beef even more waistline-friendly? To reduce fat in ground beef, brown it and wait before continuing to cook it. After browning, place beef in a colander and rinse it with hot water. Smile at your cleverness as you flush the fat down the drain.

Reduce the temptation of tasting what you’re baking or cooking by putting the utensils in a bowl of hot water ASAP the moment you no longer need them. If there’s a girl who hasn’t been tempted to lick “just a little bit” of brownie batter off a beater, we haven’t met her.

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