Don’t Ditch Dessert

Don't Ditch Dessert

Find New Ways To Tame Your Cookie Cravings

Are you overwhelmed by the urge to have your lover handfeed you decadent chocolate dipped strawberries? Damn you, Nutrisystem! No, wait—try melting NutriCrunch Cherry Cordial Chocolates in the microwave on low heat for about a minute. Dip fresh, whole strawberries by the stem into the melted chocolate, then place on waxed paper to harden. Crisis averted.

I won't lie: the freshest, juiciest apple still doesn’t come close to the greasiest, generic donut. But simple additions can make your fruit taste a little more like dessert. Try warming a sliced apple in the microwave and adding some cinnamon and Splenda. Then pour a little fat free yogurt on top and sprinkle it with Nutrisystem Lowfat Granola Cereal. Apple pie? Nope. But it’s still tasty. 

Does the local malt shop mourn your absence? Tough. Try blending half of a sliced banana with the Nutrisystem Chocolate Shake. Play 50's music for greasy diner ambiance.

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