Use Jenny Craig Consultations Wisely

Use Jenny Craig Consultations Wisely

Battle Your Inner Chocolate Gremlins

Make the most of your weekly consultations. One of the perks that distinguish Jenny Craig from other diet programs is its level of support.

Emotional eaters and people that thrive on direct guidance will find an ally in their consultant. Before your weekly check in, prepare a list of questions and concerns you want addressed and use your time wisely. Gabbing with your consultant about your sister’s shoe addiction is not the best use of your time—or money!

And if a frazzled Jenny counselor rushes you in and out like she’s running a drive thru then speak up. You’re paying for Jenny Craig’s client support services—not just the meals. So if Linda says she’s only got a minute to chat, insist that she spend a fair amount of time listening to the update on your inner battle with chocolate gremlins. And don’t be afraid to ask for a new consultant if your current one is falling short—your success may depend on it.

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