Keep Parties Jenny-friendly

Keep Parties Jenny-friendly

Don't Let Holiday Mixers Mess Your Diet Strategy Up

Because the goal of Jenny Craig isn’t to keep clients on prepackaged meals forever, dieters following this program need to be adamant about finding new methods to help them cope with social situations in which food is the focus.

If you frequently throw social dinners and parties, sneakily cut calories wherever you can without compromising flavor. Use Splenda in place of sugar, cooking spray instead of butter or cooking oil, unflavored low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, and Egg Beaters egg whites in place of whole eggs. Your ingenuity will help everyone enjoy the feast without packing on the pounds. Just don’t nix the meat or the male guests will revolt and flee to Carl’s Jr.

And if you’re hosting a holiday mixer, make sure you have plenty of takeout boxes on hand to box up all the leftovers (Fun Express sells a dozen takeout boxes for $5.99 in fun colors that can compliment your party’s theme). Then insist your partygoers take the leftover treats home with them. You won’t have to cope with a fridge full of leftover holiday grub—but your guests will (suckers).

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