Jenny Craig Sign Up Day

Jenny Craig Sign Up Day

Hi, my name is Heidi. I'm a bookkeeper by trade, but I'm spending 28 days on the Jenny Craig diet plan to write about it for

My starting weight? 194.5 lbs.

Getting Started:

Sign up day, and I am honestly NOT looking forward to this diet.  After my experience with Nutrisystem the idea of another food delivery system is scaring the crap out of me.

I went to the Jenny Craig website and like Nutrisystem site, the pictures of the food look appetizing and miraculous.  Your first thought is “Oh boy! Cheesecake, pasta alfredo and meatloaf! How can they ever allow me to eat these things?!”  Had I not had my previous experience with the wiley ways of marketing, I would have happily drank the Kool-Aid and marched glassy-eyed onto to the awaiting spaceship.  But I am pessimistic and bitter and jaded so I am coming into this prepared to brace myself against an onslaught of disgusting food.  Don’t get me wrong--I do have some hope but I’m really not expecting much.

The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor.  —Anonymous

I decided to do the online home delivery version for the first 2 weeks and then do the in-store pick up for the last 2 weeks. I’m curious to see what the difference is.

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The first ordering hurdle I found a bit aggravating is that you can’t just look at a menu online and choose which entrées you want to go with.  Apparently, they have your weekly menu prepped and you click a button on the website that is supposed to “instantly” generate a call from a “consultant” to you.  But wait, the person who actually calls you back instantly is a customer service rep who then sets up an appointment for a consultant to call you back.  *heavy sigh*!  I “instantly” hate this.  I am extremely busy and I barely had time to sit down and figure out how to get to this point now I have to sit next to my phone again (TOMORROW NO LESS!) and wait for a call from some chick who is going to want to chit chat and ask questions when all I want her to do is send me the f*cking food.  Whatev’! I make the appointment for the next morning.

And now we play the waiting game…ugh, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!—Homer Simpson

My consultant, Gia, calls the next morning and we miss each other.  I was in the bathroom. I try to call her back and she’s on the phone with another client. I get tired of waiting for the call back, so I start getting ready for work. She calls again while I’m in the shower. I try to call back but she’s on the phone again.

I go to work. Later in the day I get an email from her saying she’s sorry we missed each other and hopes we can speak another time. Long story short, I finally get her on the phone the next morning. She sounds like a mousey little thing and is not really making me feel motivated. In fact, I kind of wish I could shake her (but I’m not sure why).

The counselor asks me all the standard questions, “How did you hear about us?” “How much do you weigh?” “How much do you want to lose?” “Do you have any food allergies?” blah, blah, blah.  Then she does her shpiel about the diet and how it works.

I have a great diet. You're allowed to eat anything you want, but you must eat it with naked fat people.    — Ed Bluestone

Jenny Craig sends all the meals and snacks and I buy fresh veggies and fruits to supplement the menu. I check in once a week with her so we can track my progress and restock my supply when needed.

I asked if I could pick and choose my entrées and she said that I could if I had food allergies but that she didn’t suggest moving the menu around this early in the program because the meals were arranged in a very specific nutritional and caloric manner. At this point, I just want to get off the phone so I acquiesce and promise to call to check back in when the food arrives so she can go over the enclosed materials and get me started.

The food arrived in a large box that was split into 2 sections. There was a top-level flat box that contained all the room temperature food and a Styrofoam cooler in the bottom that contained all the frozen food. There was far less vacuum-packed food than I experienced with Nutrisystem and no freeze-dried food at all.

The room temperature food consisted mostly of breakfast bars, cereals, snacks, soups and a few vacuum packed entrées. The rest of the food was frozen and refrigerated.

I was immediately struck by how good the food that was packed in clear packaging looked. The muffins and cakes looked plump and moist and the cheesecake looked like...well……cheesecake. Would it be possible that the food on this program could be……dare I say it…..edible??? Only time would tell. 

Robin: That's an impossible shot, Batman.
Batman: That's a negative attitude, Robin.—Batman

The time came for me to check in with Gia (my consultant) and we started playing phone tag again. When it became clear that I was going to have to start the diet without actually connecting with her by phone I did two things:  1) I went through all the materials in the box to be sure I knew what I was doing and 2) I called Jenny Craig and told the customer service rep that I didn’t care who called me but I better get a call from a consultant tomorrow.

I start the program tomorrow and I can already see that my first scheduled lunch (Jenny Craig Turkey Burger) was not in my box. I had tried to do an inventory when the box came but I somehow missed that it was missing. Now I have to try to count all this food again. Irritated!

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