Jenny Craig Day 28 - Jenny Tips, Problems, and Success

Jenny Craig Day 28 - Jenny Tips, Problems, and Success

Today's Jenny Craig Tips:

* The saneness of the Jenny Craig plan is perfect for neurotics.

* The brain can’t simultaneously experience fear and triumph. Decide which one you’re going to commit to before start your diet.

And now, here are the details of my 28th day on JC...

What I Weighed Today: 187.8 lbs. (8am)

Ugh!  Well, not “Ugh” maybe but definitely “Doh!” I didn’t make goal weight this time around, kiddies.  But I can’t say for sure that it was the fault of the diet.  I think JC is a healthy, well-balanced meal plan with good food.  My metabolism may be slowing down as I get closer to goal.  I also got pretty restrictive at the end of my last diet so that I could hit goal so it is possible that I put myself behind the eight-ball when I started this diet because I sprinted the last mile of the last one.

JC is not about extreme restriction.  Neither was the last diet I was on but I decided to go that route because I was desperate to make my weight loss goal.  I think this may be proof positive that extremely restrictive programs are not the path to permanent weight loss.  I will still be trying some other “extreme” diets and I will try to be open-minded about them but I am curious to see what our final analysis will teach us.

I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth.
—Janeane Garofalo

 I know that I am just one person with my own opinions, metabolism and body type but I have found that life experiences are not unique.  The combinations of life experiences can be infinitely varied but you will always find someone who has been through at least 1 thing that you have been through.  How they reacted to it may be different than the way you did, but we all know that the very best and the very worst things that have happened to us, have happened to someone else.  My struggle is far from unique.  I even think there may be another African-American woman out there who weighed 341 pounds, then got gastric bypass, then bounced between 200 and 230 pounds for several years, then decided to diet to lose more weight.  That is how connected I think the world is.  That is just how universal I think my struggle is.

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.  —Anonymous

Back to my particular journey.  I had a lot of ups and downs emotionally this month.  Can I honestly say that I am ‘OK’ right now?  No, I can’t.  I am extremely disappointed by some areas of my life and if you’ve been paying attention I think you know which ones they are.  However, even though I am not happy about my love life and not making weight, I am glad that some of the issues that came up this month happened while I was on JC and not some crazy, extreme plan.  I think I would not have fared very well emotionally and I probably would have cheated.  In fact, I know I would have.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  Jenny Craig Cheddar Omelet, 2 cups Coffee w/4 tablespoons sugar-free Hazelnut creamer
Snack 1:  Jenny Cookies & Cream Anytime Bar
Lunch:  Jenny Craig Chicken Salad Kit, Sliced cucumbers & tomatoes w/lemon, salt & pepper
Snack:  Apple, Baby Carrots
Dinner:  Jenny Craig Beef Chow Mein, Steamed Mixed Veggies (mixed into the chow mein)
Snack:  Jenny Craig Chocolate Chip Cheesecake


Being on a sensible plan that allowed me to actually consume a decent amount of food each day helped me make it through this exceedingly f*cked up month.  I lost some weight, too. I can’t lose sight of that fact.  Just because it wasn’t what I wanted to lose doesn’t negate the fact that I lost 3.2 pounds.  Yay, me!  I get a small break before starting the next plan and will definitely make the effort not to gain any of that back during that time.  All I really want right now is copious amounts of sushi and I will enjoy cooking a few good pieces of fish for myself.  Right now that is all I’m really craving.  Oh, and I really want a turkey sandwich...don’t ask! 

Product Reviews:
* Jenny Craig Repeat Items
Cheddar Omelet
Chicken Salad Kit
Beef Chow Mein
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
YUM! More of my favorites! All delicious!! Perfect way to close out this particular diet.Product Reviews:
* Jenny Craig Repeat Items
Cheddar Omelet
Chicken Salad Kit
Beef Chow Mein
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
YUM! More of my favorites! All delicious!! Perfect way to close out this particular diet.

Final update on my love life:

1.     I dumped LiMichael. First of all, because his name is funny (just kidding).  Really it was because his voice and manner reminded me so much of a particular person who I can’t stand.  I knew eventually I would start to treat him badly because his ways would grind on me and because he is the type who would take it.  He seemed like a sweet guy and had everything I wanted…..on paper.  But I know that was a disaster waiting to happen.  Listen, I joke about being a total bitch but I don’t really want to be mean to anyone and I don’t enjoy being around people who wouldn’t call me on my sh*t!
2.    I had a date with a guy named Asante.  Very handsome, very muscular, pretty sexy.  Aaaaand I’m pretty sure, totally wrong for me.  Extremely Afro-centric.  His real name was something like Kevin or James or Trevor….I don’t know, but he changed it to Asante after a trip to Africa because he wanted to be more "about the race." I have nothing against that but I think he is going to find my bourgeois tendencies to be an issue and he certainly is going to cringe when he sees my friends.  I got me a butt-load of crazy white people around me.  They are my support system and will be in my life forever.  I am still a card-carrying Black woman (even though my mother told me last year "well, you ain’t never been truly Black").  I know who I am and I know where I come from.  But I don’t wear it stamped across my forehead and I don’t beat people over the head with it.  So I choose people for my inner circle based on quality, not color.  I have been VERY successful at finding loving friendships because of it.  I know this guy is going to have a problem because my mother (who is very like him) has a problem.  But I will give it the old college try…….even though I’ve already pictured the décor in his house…..zebra skins, fertility statues and paintings on black velvet, UGH!


  1. Figure out whether you want to go in to the centers or do this online, but don’t be afraid to change your mind after trying one or the other.
  2. Read up on all the different types of plans at before you initiate contact.  You are not guaranteed to get a counselor who will explain everything to you so you need to go in with your own education and an idea of how you would like to work the program.
  3. The first two weeks are the most expensive, after that take an inventory of your food supply before you check in with your counselor and only buy what you need.
  4. After you’ve been on the diet awhile you can have a couple of cooked meals each week.  This will bring down the need for quite so many JC meals and save you some money.  Just make sure the prepared meals are low-fat and high-fiber. 
  5. Read those online tips and sign up for the e-newsletters.  I learned a lot about the program and got some great tips that way.
  6. Check your ‘unlimited’ list immediately and stock up.  These are the items you can have as much of as you want.  It won’t stop you from wanting other things but having it on hand may keep you from making a bad decision in a weak moment.
  7. Utilize the Soupetizer, either homemade or order it from them.  It is a lifesaver.
  8. If you are going out, try this: Eat your JC entrée before you leave the house then have your veggie serving as a salad at the restaurant.  Just make sure the dressing is low-fat and on-the side!  Don’t be afraid to have a fruit serving for desert like berries or melon.
  9. Make sure you read the online tips for ‘Eating Out’ long before you leave for the restaurant.  The information is invaluable and will keep you on track.
  10. You can talk to your counselor between scheduled visits if you need to.  Don’t be afraid to call or email if you get frustrated, confused or just tempted.


  1. It works.  Following the plan results in weight loss.
  2. You get to add in some of your own foods
  3. It is a healthy, well-balance plan
  4. It is easy to follow
  5. Very convenient
  6. The food is tasty (for the most part)
  7. The plan can be adapted to your life and goals
  8. Easy way to learn portion control


  1. Cost may be an issue for some people
  2. Having pre-packaged meals can get a little boring if you have to be on the plan for a long time or if you have to prepare meals for your family
  3. You don’t know how the food is prepared.

Who should give Jenny Craig a try?:
If you are a person who eats a lot of fast, frozen and pre-packaged food.
If you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to cook or plan meals.

Who should avoid Jenny Craig?:
If you like fresh food and enjoy cooking for yourself and your family. 
If you like to plan meals and like to eat what you are "in the mood for."
If you try to avoid fast  or pre-packaged food.

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