Jenny Craig Day 24 - Diets and Men Drive Me Insane

Jenny Craig Day 24 -  Diets and Men Drive Me Insane!

Today's Jenny Craig Tips:

* You’ll know you’ve mastered your diet when a day can be unplanned yet, remarkably, doesn’t turn into the apocalypse.

* Look for the same quality in a man you look for in a diet: Something that won’t drive you insane by week three.

And now, here are the details of my 24th day on JC...

What I Weighed Today: 188.5 lbs. (8am)

I know you are probably tired of hearing my dating travails and diatribes about how much the men in my life work on my nerves but I have to share it with someone and it might as well be you all.  Besides, knowing how I’ve suffered should make you even more impressed with my ability to persevere on my eating plans. Right? Yeah, whatever, just give me the attention and approval I desperately seek and I will continue to tell you all my business so you can see that your life is not that bad.

I date this girl for two years and then the nagging starts: I wanna know your name… —Mike Binder

So Jason (Mr. I-Can-Only-Communicate-Via-Instant Message), sent me a long trail of emails about how he couldn’t wait to get to know me but he REALLY needed me to set up YAHOO! Instant Messenger at my house so we could “talk.”  What a ruh-tard!  Here is what I sent him:

From: Heidi
Subject: Re: Sup?
Date: Sep 3, 2009 2:55 PM

I have it [Yahoo! IM] at home but I am really not there enough for that.  To be truthful, I type all day and many nights.  No offense but the idea of sitting and having long conversations on IM just really isn't my thing.  I've been through it before and it eventually just wears on me.  Sorry, but if that's your thing it's cool, we're just not compatible.  No worries.

 He didn’t respond and I am totally at peace with that.  I have no patience for nonsense like that and he was destined to get a good cussing out so it was best that he just accept my decision and move on. 

I talked to LiMichael (still can’t get over that name) and I gotta tell ya that I am trippin’……..HARD!  He has this really soft voice that sounds a bit like Michael Jackson but more importantly, it sounds just this guy I know that I absolutely despise.  Not just sounds like that guy but has his demeanor too.  It’s this kind of floaty, soft, airy-fairy, indecisive, I-Don’t-Know-Why-Bad-Things-Keep-Happening-To-Me disposition.  His previous relationship ended pretty bad and included infidelity on the woman’s part.  Uh, yeah…..I can kinda see why.  Now I know how immature this is going to sound but I’m not sure I can move forward with this relationship simply because when I listen to this guy on the phone I want to shake him and it is almost 100% due to the fact that he sounds like that guy I hate.  I should at least meet this guy and give him a fair shake. Right? I mean he may be different in person and I may wind up being able to separate from the other guy. Right?  I’m going to give it the old college try. Keep in mind, I never finished college.

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  Jenny Craig Maple Nut Hot Cereal, 2 oz. String Cheese, 2 cups Coffee w/4 tablespoons sugar-free Vanilla creamer
Snack 1:  Jenny Cookies & Cream Anytime Bar
Lunch:  Jenny Craig Personal Pizza (Cheese), Steamed Mixed Veggies, Non-Fat Yogurt
Snack:  Non-Fat Yogurt
Dinner:  Jenny Craig Cashew Chicken, Steamed Fresh Brocolli w/I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter Spray
Snack:  Jenny Craig White Cheddar Popcorn

Food is like sex:  when you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look good. —Beth McCollister

Today was a little bit difficult of a diet day.  The Jenny food was alright, but I really wanted my own food.  I wanted to go to a restaurant and sit down to the meal of my choosing.  It didn’t have to be anything decadent or high-calorie, but just something I could choose on my own.  I’m sure I am not the only one who would go through this on this eating plan.  The monotony of it has not become a problem for me yet but I can totally see how it would.  What is getting to me is how “planned” it is.  I’ve spent most of my life just letting my hair down and enjoying the sensual act of eating something unstructured.  I love the act of having my first cup of coffee while I consider what delicious delight I could order for lunch that day or pick up on the way home.  I will get to indulge during my break between plans soon but I sure would have enjoyed some freedom TODAY. 

I just thought of something….my booty call buddy is out of town.  Maybe that’s what my real hunger is.  Maybe if I was indulging my other sensual needs I wouldn’t be looking to fulfill my food fantasies.

Product Reviews:
* Jenny Craig Repeat Items
Maple Nut Hot Cereal
Cashew Chicken
YUM! for both of these still.  They were just as delicious the second time.
Personal Pizza (Cheese)
Meh.  I forgot to tell them I didn’t want this again.  It was pretty gross again.  I tried to pick those little tomatoes off before I cooked it and I cooked it longer in order to try and avoid the sogginess I had last time in the middle of the pizza but it was a disaster.  I peeled the top off and ate the crust.
White Cheddar Popcorn
Meh.  Same stale texture.  Wouldn’t waste the calories on it if I was going to spend more time on this eating plan.

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