Jenny Craig Day 2 - Life is a Sunshine Sandwich!

Jenny Craig Day 2 - Life is a Sunshine Sandwich!

Today's Jenny Craig Tips:

* A diet with food you enjoy (thanks, Jenny) can keep you from calling it quits when you have a bad day.

And now, here are the details of my 2nd day on JC...

What I Weighed Today: 194 lbs. (8am)

The bad news is that some of you will lose your jobs. Those of you who are kept on will have to relocate to Swindon, if you wanna stay. I know, gutting. On a more positive note, the good news is, I've been promoted. So, every cloud... you're still thinking about the bad news, aren't you?
—David, The Office (BBC)

I wish I had my Jenny Craig consultant’s “everything is going to be peachy keen” persona. My life is taking some strange turns these days but I tell myself  it’s for the best.

I’ve finished the training period with my new client and will start working on my own tomorrow. It’s nerve racking for me because the person who had been doing this previously had been there for years and now I come in and they are looking to me to be an expert, which I totally am not. I am a pretty decent bookkeeper and consider myself a high functioning employee, but I’m no true expert…at anything. My biggest goal is to simply manage to not disappoint anyone. That’s actually been my goal my whole life but I’ve not always been able to accomplish it.

I'm trying very hard to understand this generation. They have adjusted the timetable for childbearing so that menopause and teaching a sixteen-year-old how to drive a car will occur in the same week. —Erma Bombek

I’m in the midst of my parenting classes which are mandatory for the adoption of a child in Los Angeles County. Tonight we did role plays and I was given the role of mother to a teenage girl who was bad mouthing her foster sister because the foster sister had borrowed some things without asking, and was hanging out with the uncool kids at school. I told my “daughter” (played by another student in the class) that I would talk to her “sister” about borrowing her things but that I would not tolerate her looking down on her “sister” because she wasn’t trying to be a part of a popular crowd. I also clearly told her to stop whining about her life which was so privileged in comparison to the foster child’s.

Well, apparently I am a “scary mom.” Everyone in the class (except the teacher) thought I was too harsh with the kid. They all said they would be scared. I was a little embarrassed but I also felt that I had done my job as a parent. That role play was exactly how I would have handled a situation like that. Frankly I don’t see the problem with being firm with children. Not that I intend to beat them, but I do intend to push them to be good people who try to better themselves and help others.

I’m pretty hard on myself and I honestly try to be a good person. I would encourage a child in my life to have high standards for themselves as well.

Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare.  —Ed Asner

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich, 2 oz. String Cheese
Snack 1:  Jenny Craig Cookies & Cream Anytime Bar, 2 cups Coffee w/4 tablespoons sugar-free Vanilla creamer
Lunch:  Jenny Craig Beef Barley Stew, Sliced Cucumbers
Snack 2:  Apple
Dinner:  Jenny Craig Chicken Fettucine, Salad w/Jenny Craig Ranch Dressing
Snack 3:  Jenny Craig Lemon Cake
-          None

However, as strongly as I feel about my convictions, the reaction from those people in the class had me questioning myself.  I hate how the opinions of others can get in my head and make me falter. These people are not going to be living in the house with me and this child and they won’t see the combination of discipline and love and encouragement I intend to give. They saw one moment and it happened to be a strict disciplinarian moment. But it doesn’t encompass the kind of mother I intend to be. Still, I started second guessing myself.  Dammit!

It helps that all of this is happening while I am on an enjoyable meal plan.  I don’t know how I would deal with the stress of all of this if I had to be on some wackadoodle meal plan that I hated. 

Product Reviews:
* Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich
YUM! Almost like an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds but it doesn’t have all the fat.  They use turkey ham and scramble the egg with low-fat cheese.  I added a little string cheese to it.  I was shocked that I liked it because I don’t like egg sandwiches and I really don’t like eggs heated in a microwave but this was truly well made.  They have you heat the egg & turkey ham for a few seconds, then zap the English muffin for a few seconds.  I didn’t put the spicy sauce on but will try a little next time.
* Jenny Craig Beef Barley Stew
YUM!  Gotta hand it to JC I’m impressed.  This stew had actual chunks of beef in it.  No beef boogers like in the soups from Nutrisystem.  The flavor of the stew was homey and a little salty (in a good way).  It was thick too.  This was another entrée that I would eat more than 1 serving of if given the opportunity.
* Jenny Craig Chicken Fettucine
Meh.  OK, this was not horrible but it’s hard to make this work because when you make a cream sauce low-fat, it tends to act like glue almost immediately after its pulled away from its heat source.  The noodles and the sauce congealed really quickly and it was just a starchy, kinda creamy ball.  It needed salt too.  I ate it, and I was full but it was not something I would be overly excited to have again…….unless I could put butter on it.
* Jenny Craig Ranch Dressing
Meh. I am not the best to judge because I hate pre-packaged buttermilk dressing.  I’ve learned how to make low-fat homemade ranch dressing and it is fresh & delicious.  This has that slightly sweet, fake ass taste all bottled ranch dressings have.  Other people may like it but it grosses me out.
* Jenny Craig Lemon Cake
YUM!  Holy crap, this was orgasmic!  So moist and sticky with a real lemony taste.  I adored it!

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