Jenny Craig Day 19 - My Weigh-in With a Male Jenny Craig Counselor

Jenny Craig Day 19 -  My Weigh-in With a Male Jenny Craig Counselor

Today's Jenny Craig Tips:

* Acknowledge that sometimes your weight will be up a little at the weigh-in and accept that weight fluctuations are part of the process.

* If you don’t have a man in your life, ask for one when you go to a Jenny Craig program center.

And now, here are the details of my 19th day on JC...

What I Weighed Today: 189 lbs. (8am)

So today I met up with my new JC counselor, John.  He is just as cute as I remember and was praying to have some kind of loss so I would not have to do the walk of shame with him back to his office after the weigh-in.  There are few things worse than that awkward silence after someone weighing you in says, “you are up this week.”  There is all kinds of babbling nonsense if you lose even so much as a quarter of a pound.  But, Lawdie-Miss-Claudie if you gain, nobody wants to make eye contact with you.  It’s like somebody died.  Of course, there’s also the weigh-in folks that feel the need to launch into all the silly reasons this could have happened and then follow that up with, “Heidi, Heidi, she’s our man, if she can’t do it no one can! YAAAAY!”  To which I say, “Get bent!”

I go up and down the scale so often that if they ever perform an autopsy on me they'll find me like a strip of bacon—a streak of lean and a streak of fat.  —Texas Guinan

John and I head back to the scale me in my little fluorescent green, ¼ pound sundress and him in some pants that I must say were grippin’ his little butt nicely.  Hey, I had to walk behind him, was I NOT supposed to look???  It wasn’t until he said to step on the scale that all my bravado fell away and I realized that I was stepping on the scale in front of a man for the first time in at least 20 years.

All of my doctor weigh-ins have been with female nurses.  All of my Weight Watchers weigh-ins have been with females.  I froze and started giggling like an idiot.  Seriously, this man must have thought I was insane.  I just stood there laughing. I would go to put my foot on the scale, pull it back and start laughing again.  I knew that he was not finding this funny because he didn’t really know why I was laughing and because soon he would have other clients waiting.  But I was seriously trippin’……HARD!  I finally got it together, squared my shoulders, took a deep breath and stepped on the scale……1.5 pounds lost! WHEW!  He laughed a little and said, “See that wasn’t so bad.”  Dude has no idea.

Another good reducing exercise consists in placing both hands against the table edge and pushing back.  —Robert Quillen

What I Ate Today:
Jenny Craig French Toast, 2 oz. String Cheese, 2 cups Coffee w/4 tablespoons sugar-free Hazelnut creamer
Snack 1:  Jenny Cookies & Cream Anytime Bar
Lunch:  Jenny Craig Fajita Chicken Salad Kit, Brussel Sprouts, 2 oz. String Cheese
Snack:  Jenny Craig Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
Dinner:  Jenny Craig Chicken Fettucini, String Cheese, Mixed Veggies
Snack:  1 ½ pears


My visit with John was actually quite pleasant.  He was encouraging and kind. He let me exchange some of the ‘Meh’ menu items for ‘Yum’ ones.  We talked about my nearly non-existent exercise routine and he told me that what I was doing in the mornings (with the stretching and the sit-ups) was actually a step ahead of most people and if I could just add 1 extra step each week I would be surprised with the outcome.  He suggested that, starting this week, I incorporate squats or plank exercises or just turn on the stereo and dance for 1 song.  Adding just 1 new exercise or activity piece each week would eventually build me up to over 45 minutes of movement a day and, according to him, that’s enough to maintain my weight loss.  I felt bad about the fact that I knew we were not going to see each other again but I spoke to him as if I was coming right back in the next Saturday.  I told him I would have to call him later to solidify a time because I had some things happening that I needed to schedule around.  I never will call and I have no idea if I will be chased by these JC people trying to get me to come back.  Maybe they will leave me alone and I won’t have to do a hard break-up like I did with Tanya the Cheerleader.

**I’m sure I don’t need to say this but today will be day five, no contact from H.  I think I need to move on but I really would like to know what happened.  My curiosity is KILLING me!

Product Reviews:
* Jenny Craig French Toast
YUM!   Put Splenda in the fruit cup this time and it was hella’ good!!!
* Jenny Craig Fajita Chicken Salad Kit
YUM! I loved it but I don’t really get why it was called ‘Fajita’, other than the fact that it had a little heat to it (spice-wise).  They should have just called it ‘spicy’.  I didn’t get a ‘fajita’ taste or even a Mexican flavor from it.  But it was really good.  Sorry about the pointless babble about the name. 
* Jenny Craig Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
YUM!  DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!! Gimme another piece! 
* Jenny Craig Chicken Fettucini
YUM!  Had to add a little salt but not a bad effort JC.  It can’t touch the real thing because the real thing is just big, fat comfort food that should be outlawed.  This was tasty and filling and didn’t leave me bloated and gassy.  Thumbs up.

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