Jenny Craig Day 12 - Menu Mistake, Too Few Calories

Jenny Craig Day 12 - Menu Mistake, Too Few Calories

Today's Jenny Craig Tips:

* Never leave a Jenny Craig meeting with unanswered questions.

* If you’re hungry all the time, despite the Jenny Craig meal plan you’ve been assigned, your calorie intake may be too low.

*Wanting to impress your cute male counselor at your next weigh-in is surprisingly motivating.

And now, here are the details of my 12th day on JC...

What I Weighed Today: 190.5 lbs. (8am)

Got up bright and early this morning and went to my first in-store appointment for Jenny Craig.  I was a little apprehensive because I wasn’t sure what my weight was.  My scale has always read a little different than the Weight Watchers scales so I was nervous that maybe my scale would say a smaller number than the one at Jenny Craig.  That happening would mean that the one diet where I am really enjoying the food is not working.  It would also probably mean they would want to lower my calorie intake which would possibly lead to a mass murder committed by me in the near future.

What’s with this sudden choice of disorders we get right now? When I was a kid, we just had crazy people, that’s it, just crazy people. –Ellen DeGeneres

 The second reason I was anxious was because I didn’t know what these people were going to be like.  I didn’t want to be stuck with some bitchy, skinny girl or some over-enthusiastic crazy person who is going to call all the time and irritate me.  My fears were completely dismissed when I was introduced to Gail.  A lovely African American woman with a normal, calm personality and a body type that was about as middle-of-the-road as you could get.  She was by no means fat and by no means skinny.  Just normal and real.  She started by weighing me and taking my picture.  The scale said exactly what mine said with the exception of the .25-pound gain which I expected due to the addition of clothing.  I wear the same flimsy green sundress for all public weigh-ins because I know it will only add .25 pounds.  When I weigh at home I make sure I’m naked.  So Gail got me weighed in and then sat me down to discuss my experience with the plan so far.  The first thing she noted was that my enthusiastic little cheerleader Tanya, had never entered several key pieces of information about me in the system…like weight, age, and my health screening questionnaire answers.  I found myself answering all the questions over again and feeling that little squeeze of irritation in the pit of my stomach.  She then pulled out a large colored piece of paper and asked me to confirm this was the diet week I had just completed.  When I said no she seemed perplexed but said, “Oh, they must have started you on a different week.”

As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices:  take it or leave it. —Buddy Hackett

She then pulled out all the menus and asked me to identify the weeks I had completed.  I told her that I was sure that what I was sent was labeled, “Week 1” and “Week 2” but that none of the menus she was presenting me with matched my entrée choices I had just completed.  I saw another menu sitting on the opposite corner of her desk and the color matched my ‘Week 1’ menu.  I pointed to her and said, “That’s it! That’s the menu I’ve been eating from!”  She picked up the menu with the strangest look on her face and asked me if I had struggled with it.  I told her that I had a little and that although I was enjoying the food I was hungry but I thought it was in my head.  She said, “It wasn’t in your head.  They started you on a 1,200-calorie diet, which is way out of the range of what we normally would recommend for you.”  I could tell she was choosing her words carefully in order to protect the company at this point.  “The preference would be to start someone on of your height and weight at a 1,500-calorie a day menu.  This will give you better chance of not feeling deprived and increase your chances of success and maintenance.”

What I Ate Today:
Breakfast:  Jenny Craig  Banana Nut Muffin, 2 cups Coffee w/4 tablespoons sugar-free Hazelnut creamer
Snack 1:  Jenny Peanut Butter Chocolate Anytime Bar
Lunch:  Jenny Craig Rotini w/Meatballs, Salad w/2 tablespoons Girard’s Light Champagne dressing
Snack:  Apple
Dinner:  Jenny Craig Fish & chips, 3 oz. String Cheese, Jenny Craig Toffee Cookies
Snack:  Jenny Craig Cookies & Cream Cheesecake


 Without saying it out loud, she and I both knew what the real story here was.  The online service had done me a disservice on several levels.  I was extremely glad that I had decided to try the face-to-face approach at this point and even more thrilled when I realized that she was actually going to let me replace some of the entrées that I didn’t like or was on the fence about with entrées that I truly enjoyed.  I only made a few substitutions.  I wanted more toffee cookies and an extra fish & chips day.  She told me that they had a new omelet that was really good, so I pulled a cereal and replaced it with that since I was rarely satisfied with the cereal serving amounts.  As my shopping bags were being packed, Gail let me know that she only did intake for today because she wanted to make sure I was taken care of but that she would be turning me over to John (cute African American guy) who would be my counselor going forward.   She asked if I would be okay with that and I totally was.  Having to weigh-in in front of this cute boy would keep me motivated to make sure I showed a loss each week.  He seemed nice and I didn’t get any weird cheerleader vibes off of him.  I left the center buoyant and confident that I had made the absolute right choice to switch to center visits. 

Product Reviews:
* Jenny Craig Banana Nut Muffin
YUM! Moist, sticky, yummy.  As I’ve already stated, they have the whole baked goods thing down to a science.
* Jenny Craig Rotini w/Meatballs
YUM! This one surprised me .  It looks like kiddie food in the picture and I was not looking forward to downing some little nasty meatball nuggets & pasta in ketchup sauce.  Joke was on me.  This was very grown up version of a canned kid’s favorite.  The sauce was seasoned well and the meatballs actually tasted like meat.  It was filling and satisfying.
* Jenny Craig Fish & chips
YUM!  This was an OMG dish for me.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fish and chips, but I avoid them at all costs because it is just fried, empty calories.  With this entrée you get 2 breaded fillets and seasoned potatoes wedges.  They also give you a packet of malt vinegar.  I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did.  There was obviously some satisfying fat used in the preparation of this meal because the dish was shiny and slippery but there were no puddles of oil.  It was excellent and I didn’t even miss having tartar sauce, which is quite a revelation for me.  Can’t wait for this one to come up again.
* Jenny Craig Cookies & Cream Cheesecake
YUM!  Excellent. Not diet-tasting at all.  Creamy, sweet, decadent! I licked the package after it was all gone.

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