Eat Slowly

Prevent Overeating By Eating Slowly

Don't Deprive Yourself!

Eat sloooooooowly. Eating slowly can prevent overeating. Why?  It takes the brain 20 minutes to fully process fullness signals from the stomach. In a non-Jenny situation such as dining out, this can have disasterous results.

Eating a Jenny Craig meal quickly brings an entirely different problem. Sure, you won't break your diet scarfing down a Jenny Craig meal, but you'll certainly feel deprived when you're staring at an empty plate after two minutes. And the more often you feel deprived, the more likely you are to quit your diet plan (and even if you stick with your diet, who wants to spend their days feeling chronically deprived?)

Get in the habit of eating slowly, and it will become second nature in any eating situation in which you find yourself - even at your favorite Italian restaurant.  Remind yourself that you can either you can inhale that entire plate of pasta in a nanosecond (and spend the evening curled up with a bottle of Pepto Bismol), or you can eat slowly and discover that your stomach is satisfied before you’re halfway through the meal.

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