Curb Your Cravings While on Jenny Craig

Curb Cravings While on Jenny Craig

Channel Your Inner Ninja and Kick Your Craving's Butt

Already scarfed your Jenny Craig treat for the day but feel you’re on the verge of driving to Mrs. Fields and ordering a dozen cookies “for my family?” A typical craving rarely lasts more than ten minutes, so if you can tough it through that short but difficult period, it’s a safe bet that you can kick that craving for the day.

Studies show that exercise can curb appetite, so if you can, take a 10-minute walk when a craving hits.

When it comes to curbing cravings, make breath mints your secret weapon. At only five calories each, sucking on a breath mint can lessen the appeal of a diet-wrecking treat. You might have been willing to kill for a Butterfinger before you popped that breath mint, but now that your mouth tastes like toothpaste, do you really want to combine that flavor with peanut butter?

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