Chose the Best Jenny Craig Meals

Choose the Best Jenny Craig Meals

The Sunshine Sandwich is Less Than Sunny

When selecting your Jenny Cuisine, choose meals high in fiber or protein, both of which are satiating. Jenny’s beef chili with beans has 23 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber—a winning combo.

If you’re perusing the Jenny Craig menu offerings and have no clue where to start, try the most highly rated Jenny foods according to member blogs: chicken fettuccine, macaroni and cheese, Southwestern-style chicken burrito, and cookies and cream cheesecake. The number one food to avoid? The Sunshine Sandwich, which had dieters feeling less than sunny. One dieter that insists she will remember this vile meal on her deathbed, describes it as “squishy egg sludge and dry biscuits concocted by a sadist.” Other meals to avoid: Chicken Parmesan, the turkey burger, and cheesy enchilada.

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