Healthy Choice Frozen Meal Reviews - Taste Ratings

The Best Tasting Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees - 2017 Edition

Healthy Choice is known for taking favorite gut-busting recipes and making them ultra low-calorie diet meals. In fact, you won't find one Healthy Choice meal that'll exceed 350 calories.

Meals like Spaghetti and Meatballs, Country Fried Chicken, and even Salisbury Steak can be on the menu without the guilt. Yes, they're low in calories, but how big are they in taste?

We've compiled and analyzed reviews from across the online world to put together a list of the Top Ten best tasting Healthy Choice meals:

1.    Beef Teriyaki

Our top dog is one of the yummy Asian recipes with beef. With every sweet and salty bite, customers seem to fall in love with this dish more and more. It may be because the teriyaki sauce is the perfect complement to the beef strips and crunchy veggies, or it could be the brown rice is so hearty and filling.

Reviewers were singing this meal's praises:

•    "This is my 100% absolute favorite of all the Cafe Steamers. There are lots of them that I enjoy, but this is my top pick. I could eat it every day, and sometimes, I do!"

•    "Beef is tender, veggies go with this meal to make it perfect. I eat it once a week for lunch and sometimes a late dinner. So please try it!"

•    "First I tried. This is really good. Not much a person that loves sweets, but I am crazy about this one."

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2.    Chicken Margherita with Balsamic

This recipe is not particularly common, but that didn't stop customers from trying it and becoming obsessed. Tons of reviews claim this dish has the right amount of flavor and always steams perfectly in the microwave.

Reviewers had this to say:

•    "So good, I actually get cravings for this meal!"

•    "This is definitely one of my go-tos when getting Healthy Choice's for lunch. Never quite had anything like this before. Yum."

•    "The pasta is the perfect texture, the sauce is rich in flavor but decadent."

3.    Meatball Marinara

This was last year's number one winner and for obvious reasons. The rich and zesty marinara sauce made customers dream of Italy and the chewy penne made their bellies full and happy.

Reviewers had these great things to admit:

•    "This is a new favorite! The spinach is such an interesting addition, the meatballs have a nice texture and taste, and the sauce is robust with great tomatoey/garlicky flavor."

•    "Restaurant quality!...all I can say is WOW and so happy to have found you!"

•    "Best one I've tried yet. Doesn't taste like a frozen meal. Meatballs have tons of flavor and plenty of sauce!"

4.    Barbecue Seasoned Steak with Red Potatoes

This meal has been reviewed over 140 times and if you take one bite, you'll know why. This plentiful dish has a tangy BBQ flavor that everyone seems to crave.

Reviewers offered their honest opinions:

•    "This is my favorite Healthy Choice. I love the taste of the BBQ Sauce. The beef is always tender and potatoes and corn are the perfect sides with it.....I have this every week."

•    "By far my favorite microwave meal. The BBQ flavor is nice, sweet and tangy with a touch of spice. Combines with the chunks of potato and steak very well."

•    "I love this meal. I go to every store to stock my freeze."

5.    Lemon Pepper Fish

Who knew diet, microwave fish would make the list? Well, if you has tasted this meal before, then you wouldn't be surprised. Almost everyone went head over heels for this simple but delightful dish.

Reviewers opinions were always positive:

•    "For a frozen fish meal, I think this is one of the best. The fish has a good flavor without having a overpowering taste or smell. The rice and broccoli go well with the fish."

•    "Much tastier than normal pop n' serve fare. Like something I would get for lunch at the corner cafe. Color me impressed. Will buy again."

•    " I am not a fish lover--but I LOVE this!! I eat it at least 2 times a week. I would recommend to EVERYONE!"

6.    Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

When Healthy Choice came out with their Simply line of meals, customers went mad for the all natural ingredients. This dish, specifically, was a fan favorite right out of the gate. And no, you're not crazy, this meal has no pasta whatsoever!

Reviewers said these things:

•    " Low calories and no pasta, it's really just a sensational product. You don't need pasta when you have broccoli."

•    "I often avoid frozen meals, as they are rarely low carb, but I took a chance on this one and loved it! The chicken is moist and tender and the broccoli stays crisp. So good!"

•    "Very high in protein and low in calories/fat without sacrificing ANY taste. I feel like this is a splurge - and it's guilt free! I'd put this up against any restaurant dish any day. LOVE!"

7.    General Tso's Spicy Chicken

Last year, this dish earned an Honorable Mention so of course it makes our Top Ten list this time around. This spicy Asian recipe has been an old-favorite for years and continues to earn new fans all the time.

Reviewers' opinions were often very positive:

•    "I thought this one was pretty good. Nice spice to it but not overpowering. I was happy this is one of the meals I've tried that I didn't feel the need to add salt to. Very well seasoned."

•    " I was really surprised how delicious the sauce was and how fresh tasting all the ingredients were. I would recommend this one to anyone who enjoys Chinese food. Very tasty!"

•    "I stumbled across this at the grocery store. I love it so much I want to buy them in bulk it's good and fast and meets all my nutritional needs on the go."

8.    Chicken Parmigiana

Italian is one of the few cuisines that almost always comforts you. And this recipe is an oldie, but goodie. Reviewers raved about the cheese and marinara sauce, plus the crisp broccoli. You'll be floating on a tasty cloud with just the first bite.

Reviewers had so many things to say:

•    "I love chicken parm! This fast cooking solo meal is a good choice on the go, or when you're just too lazy to cook...You won't feel guilty after all the indulging!"

•    "I really enjoyed this meal - I think there could be less spice in the sauce and the individual nutritional count for the dessert. As for the meal as a whole - it was so very good."

•    "Just had this for dinner and really enjoyed it. And it looked just like the picture on the front. Yum!"

9.    Grilled Chicken Marinara with Parmesan

This authentic dish's secret is its simplicity. Nothing but juicy chicken tossed with broccoli and pasta in a zesty sauce made many reviewers run to the store for more.

Reviewers average comments went like this:

•    "So delicious! this was my lunch and you can never go wrong with pasta, broccoli, and chicken! The marinara was a perfect combo!"

•    "Tastes like you made it yourself, is filling and comforting."

•    "I have been trying to eat lower calorie high protein foods for lunch and thought I'd give this a try. FANTASTIC I am putting these on my grocery list week!"

10.    Honey Glazed Turkey & Potatoes

It's easy to enjoy a savory dinner without all the grunt work. Just pop this baby in the microwave and prepare your taste buds for a filling meal. Much faster than the 8 hours it takes to cook the whole turkey, right?

Reviewers said things such as:

•    "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this def helps me out when im craving that thanksgiving food all year round."

•    "This dish is AWESOME. All of the veggies taste fresh, the turkey is juicy, and the glaze is to die for. Definitely buying more!"

•    "This was very good. I LOVED the green beans and the meat was so tender. I did have to add a little salt to counterbalance the sweetness but I thought it was great!"                                                                                             

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