WW FitBreak App - One-Minute Workouts for FitPoints

FitBreak - Weight Watchers Activity App Helps Lure Couch Potatoes to Their Feet

Weight Watchers' mobile app FitBreak, is bringing a whole newFitBreak article couch potato .jpg.jpg approach to fitness, designed for those of us who (to put it kindly) are not yet Olympians.

A FitBreak is a one-minute exercise.

The app shows you a very short video of an activity for you to imitate for a 60 second period. These are the kind of exercises you can do anywhere. After you're shown the video, the app counts down the 60 seconds during which you're supposed to do the exercise depicted in the video.

After you do a FitBreak, the app gives you the option of either doing the next FitBreak, or returning to the Home Screen. This way you can fit in many one-minute exercises throughout the day, whenever it's convenient.

The FitBreak app hooks up with your Weight Watchers account. On average you'll earn 1 FitPoint for every ten FitBreaks. Don't know what a FitPoint is? Then you are probably not a WW member, which is mandatory in order to use the app!

To start off, the app gives you a goal of 20 FitBreaks for the day. That means a total of 20 minutes of activity.

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If you're single or an empty-nester, this is perfect for you! Also some WW members who have hit a plateau, use this dietitian-designed plan to shake things up and jump-start their weight loss. When they've hit their goal weight, they return to Weight Watchers for maintenance.

Is FitBreak Easy to Use? 

Yes! The quickie tutorial videos are fun and unintimidating. It is as if your Auntie suddenly learned how to use her camera and decided she wanted to be a fitness instructor. Though the clips are a bit corny, they are effective. They offer clear instructions on how to do the exercise. In fact, the videos are so non-threatening, it makes it seem like anyone can do them. Yes, even Grandma!

How Does FitBreak work with your Weight Watchers account?

Your FitBreak activity will be reflected automatically on your Weight Watchers account in the activity section. Well, that's what it's supposed to do in theory, but many people are having trouble with this aspect of FitBreak, so hopefully they'll work out the kinks in the communication between their two apps.

For every 10 Fitbreaks that you do, you'll get one FitPoint.

As a Weight Watchers member, you can use the Weight Watchers website to log in and track both your daily food SmartPoints and your activity FitPoints. If you're new to Weight Watchers and don't know how FitPoints work, read our article "Exactly How Do FitPoints Work?"

You Can Pick the Type of FitBreaks that You Like.

Users can filter video recommendations based on the type of exercises they're looking for. Then after the 60 seconds are over, it automatically queues up the next video. You can choose to skip the video, or to cancel and return to the FitBreak Home Page.

Your Home Page is where you'll see the FitBreaks add up and how close you are to reaching your daily goal. If you earned any FitPoints as well, a link on the Home age will launch the Weight Watchers app, so you may double check your progress.

FitBreaks is designed to get you moving. Hopefully, you'll add other more substantial workout routines to get you fit even faster.

So enjoy your FitBreak app, and if you're on the younger side, be respectful and don't giggle at the FitBreak video of Great-Aunt Helen doing a T-stand in her slippers in the backyard. :)

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