Fat Loss 4 Idiots - Day 26

Today is the first day of my three "cheat days" for this cycle. No dieting for me today, or for the two days to follow! That's one of the best things about this diet. You always get three days off dieting after each eleven days on the plan.

Enjoying The Cheat Days

Today's Weight: 137.3 lbs.

What is it about heading out of town that makes me want to bask in the laziness of a day, content to put all my thoughts and worries aside so I can instead focus on doing absolutely nothing? Honestly, I'm not sure. But I'm highly enjoying my day off. This getaway has allowed me the best of all worlds: By heading away with my parents and sister, I get to be near my daughter, Lilliale, but I also have extra hands to take the load off.

My husband was fortunate enough to get a few days off work, and we're staying at a family cabin so costs are low. Also, I've managed my timing so that my vacation falls during the three cheat days of the Fat Loss for Idiots diet. In other words, I'd say this weekend is a bit like hitting the jackpot! During my first day of vacation, I wasted absolutely no time: Shortly after waking up and feeding Lilliale, my family and I headed straight to Ihop where I made it a point to enjoy a sugar-infused, calorie-loaded stuffed french toast platter. And I didn't feel guilty about it for even a moment. After all, isn't this what vacations are for?

Well, maybe I should clarify: Lilliale had a hard night's sleep last night - being in a strange new place with new sounds and high altitude - and my husband and I didn't get much sleep either. So when I say that we headed to Ihop shortly after waking up and feeding Lilliale, what I really mean is that we woke up, fed Lilliale, went back to sleep and repeated the process about three more times until finally, we woke up for good around 11 a.m., fed Lilliale, and headed out to Ihop around noon. Our first time traveling with Lilliale is certainly proving to be an adjustment.

After brunch, we stopped by the cabin to feed her again, before heading back out to walk the downtown area. This is possibly my favorite activity during our trips up the mountain - besides doing absolutely nothing. I love the feel of the area, and all of the little shops. In particular, I love the food shops. The last time I was up here - about nine months ago - a new gourmet wine and cheese shop had recently opened. It also featured chocolates imported from Chicago and specialty food items. Being pregnant, I wasn't able to sample much in the wine and cheese department, so this time around I was looking forward to treating myself a little bit. And I'd been looking forward to this for pretty much the past nine months. Go figure, the gourmet food shop of my dreams was closed.

However, perhaps to make up for its loss, only a block down a new shop had opened up: espresso, pastries and kitchen supplies. I was in heaven again. Having just eaten brunch, I wasn't very hungry but decided to allow myself a cupcake anyway - with plans to come back in a couple days for a treat or two more. I also stopped at the local candy shop and picked up an unhealthy portion of micro jawbreakers (my favorite candy-store-only specialty), and bought myself a cup of hot tea. It may have been warm during our visit, but a trip to the mountains still screams for a hot beverage in my opinion. We wound down the evening with spaghetti and a movie back at the cabin to complete our first day of vacation. Although it would have been nice if Lilliale had slept a bit longer, I have a hard time complaining after a day like today. There's just something about vacation that is so very enjoyable.

What I Ate Today:

Brunch: Ihop sutffed french toast platter with eggs, bacon and hash browns

Dinner: Spaghetti with meat sauce and a caesar salad

Snacks: Cheez-Its, hot tea with cream and sugar, micro jawbreakers, cupcake

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