Fat Loss 4 Idiots - Day 25

Today's Fat Loss 4 Idiots Tip:

  • Don't take major vacation trips while you're on your diet. For weekend trips, try to schedule them to include your "cheat days."

Weight: 137.6 lbs.

Vacation Time

Despite the bliss of yesterday's day off, the hectic activity of today sent us reeling as we packed and embarked on Lilliale's very first family vacation. During my final day of this diet before my three cheat days begin, we decided to honor our tradition of going away for Labor Day weekend. After all, Mike was gifted the rare opportunity of four consecutive days off work, and - as I explained before - we try to take advantage of every opportunity while we still can. Luckily for us, my family has a cabin in the mountains that we often retreat to for a break.

About two hours away from home (up to four hours in traffic), it usually takes only a day to pack up our stuff, load up the car, make it up the mountain and get settled in.

We drove up alone, but met my parents and younger sister at the cabin for a few days together. I'm always amazed at how life travels full circle. As a child, any vacation would do and I was more than happy to head away with my family. As a teen, I was less than thrilled to be leaving behind my friends for a weekend cooped up my parents and sister. But now, with Lilliale, family vacations seem to be the best kind: We have built-in baby sitters!

 If the next three days weren't cheat days, I probably wouldn't have attempted this getaway. I mean, honestly, most diet plans (Fat Loss 4 Idiots included) don't mix well with vacations. Even just driving up to the cabin was more difficult on a diet. Usually we grab food on the way up to the mountains, but my diet made this more difficult.

Even before we hit the road, the diet made it tougher. Having grabbed breakfast and lunch as quickly as I could this morning between tending to a wakeful Lilliale and packing up our things, I had a hard enough time putting aside my chores to get those meals down. Neither meal was exactly "grab and go," and having to take the few minutes I had free of Lilliale to make breakfast and lunch meant less time to get my packing done.

Dinner was an even more difficult task. Leaving the house just after Mike got home from work put us on the road just in time for traffic and dinner. Mike could drive through someplace, but I wasn't so lucky. Thankfully, I'd arranged my meals for the day so that the easiest grab-and-go meal would happen at dinnertime. I packed up some turkey lunch meat in a cooler, and about halfway through our drive I pulled it out and we made a Starbucks pit stop for an iced vanilla latte. Milk, I remain, is still the best choice I made when creating my menu this time around. A skinny vanilla latte was easily the most comforting part of my day - the only moment that made me feel like vacation was truly upon us. Nevertheless, my joy is minimized as long as my espresso choices are limited to sugar free.

As happy as that latte made me, I'm still more excited for my cheat days this weekend when I can finally start off my autumn with my favorite pumpkin spice latte. Getting to the top of the mountain and unpacking the car, I couldn't help but feel frustrated that I had to wait until tomorrow to start my free eating. There's something about a trip to the cabin that just begs for a cup of hot chocolate and some midnight snacks. But alas, that's a comfort I'll save for tomorrow.

I have three full days up here and plenty of time to eat. Today may have been another hectic day, but I'm sure this weekend will be full of bliss.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs cooked in light margarine

Lunch: Tuna salad made with non-fat mayo, mustard and chopped red onion

Dinner: Turkey lunch meat and a Starbucks iced skinny vanilla latte, extra syrup (fat-free with sugar-free syrup)

Late Night Meal: Plums

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