eDiets Review for 2017

Ediets Review for 2018

eDiets is an online weight loss program that has been through a lot of changes since it debuted in 1997. First let’s take a look at the biggest change of all:

The Ediets Meal Delivery Program has been discontinued.

Ediets food delivery is a thing of the past, closed down for business reasons. The eDiets Deliciously Yours and eDiets Express programs are no longer available on the eDiets website.

What is eDiets in 2017?

eDiets is currently a website offering helpful online tools for dieters, including nutritional research, specific meal plans and customizable menus. To access these tools, you must join its paid membership site.

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How much does eDiets cost?

eDiets costs $9.95 per month.

How does eDiets work?

After you join the site, you will enter your height, weight, goal weight and eating preferences and whether or not you're looking for an exercise plan as well as an eating plan.

After entering your initial personal info, customers are then taken to a page which displays their BMI (body mass index) and two program options to choose from:
1.    eDiets Nutrihand Plans
2.    eDiets Vitabot Plans

eDiets Nutrihand Plan

With Nutrihand Plan, you'll select from a range of existing “off-the-rack” diet plans such as Mediterranean Diet, eDiets Weight Loss Plan, Vegetarian Weight Loss, Living with Diabetes, and Glycemic Impact Diet.
You can change from one diet plan to another (i.e. “Mediterranean” to “Vegetarian”) at any time.

eDiets VitaBot Plan

This plan acts as a kind of automated nutritionist. After inputting your personal data and health goals, the eDiets Vitabot Plan formulates an eating plan fitting your needs. It includes ideas and recipes from a database that contain thousands of options.

The Vitabot Plan creates menus for each individual member by focusing on varying nutritional and health categories as determined by the member: weight control, vitamins and minerals, and even heart health.

What kind of food will I be eating on eDiets?

Depending on the diet program you choose, you'll be eating a wide variety of wholesome nutritious options:

eDiets Nutrihand Plan foods:
•    Mediterranean Diet: fish, legumes, whole grains, fruits and veggies
•     eDiets Weight Loss Plan: allows more flexibility by including dieter's personal favorites
•    Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan: low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium
•    Living With Diabetes Plan: balanced proteins, carbs, and healthy fats
•    Glycemic Impact Plan: complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats to maintain blood sugar levels

eDiets Vitabot Plan foods:
The Vitabot Plan's foods are dependent on each member's preferences.

What are some specific online tools eDiets offers?

Every member has access to a large number of daily meal plans, depending on the program they sign up for. Daily meal plans can also be customized by the dieter to best suit their food preferences.

Shopping lists are also available, which the dieter can quickly update on any device and print at home.
Fitness logs with recommended exercises can also be accessed.

Can I choose the foods I want, or is everything pre-selected?

For either of the eDiets plans, Nutrihand Plan or Vitabot Plan, you always have the option of customizing your Daily Meal Plans.

Is there phone support on eDiets?

Don’t expect “human” support for the $9.95 per month price. The support is in the form of access to their “Learning Center” where customers can customers can read health and “how to” articles.

Is eDiets right for you?

If you’re a self-starter and have the time and interest to prepare your own low calories meals, this program may be right for you.

For those curious people who would like to compare the current eDiets program to the old one, we have listed an overview of the old eDiets program below. This information talks about the old version of eDiets, which is now longer available:

What is eDiets?

eDiets is a weight loss program that has been in business since 1997. The company offers 7-day and 5-day meal delivery programs as well as online membership. The online eDiets membership plan supports dozens of commercial diet programs (such as Atkins).

How does eDiets work?

Customers enter their height, weight, goals, and preferences. For example, a dieter can specify that they prefer a low carb or glycemic impact diet, or choose a plan that also offers diabetes management. Customers are then taken to a page with a daily calorie recommendation and diet plans ranked by how well they meet the dieter’s preferences.

What is the cost of eDiets?

A 5-day meal delivery plan starts at $109.75 and a 7-day plan starts at $139.60 (both include a $21.95 shipping charge). Online diet plans clock in at $17.96 per month.

What is the food on eDiets like?

Good news for foodies: Epicurious.com did a study comparing the quality of prepared diet meals of five popular weight loss programs, including Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. The meals were given scores based on flavor, nutritional content, and portion size. eDiets’ freshly prepared meals ranked number one, followed by the Zone.

What are the best meals eDiets offers?

eDiets offers over 100 meal choices—more variety than most other commercial diet programs. Customers rave about the chili-rubbed steak, chicken flatbread pizza, turkey chili, and lentil soup with chicken. The foods that aren’t so beloved? The turkey sandwich on white bread, meatloaf sandwich, and spaghetti and meatballs.

What are the portion sizes like?

Overall, eDiets portions are slightly larger than meals made by other programs (such as Jenny Craig). Breakfasts are particularly sizeable, while some of the lunches can lean toward the smaller side.

How healthy are the ingredients?

eDiets meals are loaded with fiber and protein and feature plenty of fresh vegetables, legumes, and heart-healthy olive oil. Although the meals are slightly higher in sodium and sugar than the Zone’s, overall the program gets high marks from nutritionists.

Can I choose the foods I want, or is everything pre-selected?

You can choose a preset package that features a variety of classic comfort foods like lasagna, or you can choose individual meals based on personal preference.

How will my food be shipped?

You’ll receive 7-day’s worth of meals via express mail in clearly labeled individual plastic containers, which will arrive in a big Styrofoam cooler kept cold with ice packs.

What kind of support will I get on eDiets?

Customers receive access to online or phone nutritional counselors. You’ll also have the option of joining the eDiets online community featuring chat rooms and support groups.

What kinds of online tools does eDiets offer?

In addition to the online community, the eDiets online plan offers customized menus and recipes, a personalized fitness plan from beginner to advanced levels, customized menus and shopping lists, and thousands of recipes.

What are the cons of eDiets?

While customers love the online community, many complain about poor customer service and hidden fees. There are no refunds whatsoever.

Does eDiets offer a free trial?

No, and it’s worth noting that once you sign up you’ll be unable to cancel without paying for the first month. If you do attempt to cancel your membership before the end of the first month, you’ll be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

Are there promo codes that can help me save money on eDiets?

Yes. Retailmenot.com and Couponcabin.com feature frequently updated coupon codes that can range from 25% off to free shipping.

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