Resisting Temptation

Induction Phase Tests The Strongest of Willpower!

During the Atkins Induction Phase, your willpower will be tested every time you pass a Dunkin Donuts, or an open bag of Cheetohs on a co-worker’s desk.  Make sure you keep induction-approved snacks (such as string cheese) with you at all times, to help you get past any moments of weakness.  Some people find buying the Atkins Advantage snacks available in many supermarkets to be helpful as well.

When you shop for groceries, you can avoid temptation by sticking to the store’s outer edges. The outer aisles (think deli, meat counter, and produce section) are usually where you’ll find the foods appropriate for the Induction Phase. The inner aisles are stuffed with processed foods and no good can come from perusing them. 

If you’re shopping for family members and you must enter the “danger zone” supermarket aisles, make sure that you have a written list of what to buy there, and quickly grab only what's on that list and get the heck out of there – no browsing or improvising from the written list! 

In fact, every time you enter a danger area of the supermarket, pretend there’s something there that smells so terrible that you have to hurry through that aisle, take what’s on your list and hurry on your way before you run out of breath and have to take another whiff of that skunk!

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